Which US States Have the Best College Football Teams?

Which US States Have the Best College Football Teams?

Which US States Have the Best College Football Teams?


College football is a hugely popular sport across the US and for a good reason. There are few sports that show the level of dedication, skill, and ability that these college football teams show. So, it’s no wonder that you might be trying to figure out which states have the best teams.

Why You Want to Know

There are plenty of reasons you might have for wanting to find the best college football teams around. 

  • You might be interested in getting into college football, in which case finding your best team options could be a great way to narrow down your college options.
  • On the other hand, you might just be a fan of the sport and interested in finding a team that you really connect with to support.

Regardless of why you might be interested in finding a college football team, it is probably going to be helpful to know your reasoning going in, as you can make sure that you are focused on what you want from this information.

The Best States for College Football Teams

It is hard to say definitively whether one state has a better college football team than another, particularly since the ways in which you can tell which is better can be so variable. 

However, here is a quick list of some of the best states to look into (based on performance) if a great college football team is what you are looking for.

  1. Alabama
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. Florida
  5. Michigan

The Advantages of Combining Hobbies

When you have a hobby like college football, you often want to get together with your friends to watch it together. What do you do when you want to get together and there is no game to watch? This can be frustrating, but if you have multiple hobbies, then you can make sure that you always have something to do when you want to get the gang together.

A great option – for football fans who are old enough – is to make use of online casinos to help keep yourself and your friends entertained when there aren’t games to watch. In particular live services such as Spin Casino live would allow you and your friends to engage in the fun of casino games from the comfort of your normal “Game Day” setup at home. There are loads of football themed games, if you want to keep the theme of the day going but switch up the entertainment a bit (if you’re over the legal age of course). What’s more, sites like Spin Casino have high-quality security to protect your personal details and plenty of payment options so that you can engage with the huge range of games without having to worry about the way you are paying or the safety of your information.

Of course, this isn’t your only option when it comes to combining your hobbies, so be sure to look around online and see what you and your friends might be interested in doing together when there isn’t a game to watch.

The Benefits of Hobbies

The connection to your friends aside, there are plenty of additional benefits you can gain from consistently engaging with a hobby like this – from the mental and physical health benefits you gain to the reduction of stress and improvement in your overall happiness.

All said and done, hobbies that you are passionate about can make your life incredible, so don’t forget to make time for your hobbies to make the most of your life.


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