2023 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

2023 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Air Force

2023 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

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2023 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

The NFL Draft is over, but plenty of Mountain West players will find their way to the pros as free agents.

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Which teams have signed Mountain West players after the draft?

The 2023 NFL Draft is officially in the books, but those 262 players who were selected are not the only ones who will get a shot at the next level. Many more undrafted free agents will get signed and have a chance to make a 53-man roster over the summer and into the fall.

Don’t believe UDFAs can make a difference? We could have told you Ryan Stonehouse was capable of breaking records (and we did many times!). This list will be updated as Mountain West athletes are signed.

Air Force

Isaac Cochran, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Denver Broncos [Twitter/Kale Pearson]

Haaziq Daniels, RB [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from New York Giants [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Brad Roberts, RB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Washington Commanders [Twitter/Adam Schefter]

Boise State

Caleb Biggers, CB [Brief Writeup] — to Cleveland Browns [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Tyreque Jones, DB [Draft Profile] — to Tennessee Titans [Twitter/Jay Tust]

John Ojukwu, OL [Draft Profile] — to Tennessee Titans [Twitter/Justin Melo]

George Tarlas, DE [Draft Profile] — to Las Vegas Raiders [Twitter/Rachel Hopmayer]

Colorado State

Dequan Jackson, LB [Draft Profile] — to Jacksonville Jaguars [Twitter/Justin Melo]

Fresno State

Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR [Draft Profile] — to Dallas Cowboys [Twitter/Jalen Moreno-Cropper]

Jordan Mims, RB [Draft Profile] — to Buffalo Bills [Twitter/Jordan Mims]

David Perales, DE [Brief Writeup] — to Pittsburgh Steelers [Twitter/David Perales]

Zane Pope, WR [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Kansas City Chiefs [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Nikko Remigio, WR [Draft Profile] — to Kansas City Chiefs [Twitter/Equity Sports]


Zion Bowens, WR [Brief Writeup] — to Washington Commanders [Twitter/Zion Bowens]

Ilm Manning, OL [Draft Profile] — to Tennessee Titans [Twitter/Justin Melo]

Jordan Murray, TE [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Philadelphia Eagles [Twitter/Kyle Chinen]

Caleb Phillips, TE — minicamp invite from New York Giants [Twitter/Kyle Chinen]

Micah Vanterpool, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Las Vegas Raiders [Twitter/Stephen Tsai]


Toa Taua, RB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Philadelphia Eagles [Twitter/Nevada Sports Net]

New Mexico


San Diego State

Keshawn Banks, DE [Draft Profile] — to Green Bay Packers [Twitter/Kirk Kenney]

Braxton Burmeister, QB/WR [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Los Angeles Rams [Twitter/San Diego State Football]

Jordan Byrd, RB [Brief Writeup] — to Pittsburgh Steelers [Twitter/Kirk Kenney]

Jesse Matthews, WR [Draft Profile] — to Houston Texans [Twitter/Darnay Tripp]

Caden McDonald, LB [Brief Writeup] — to Indianapolis Colts [Twitter/San Diego State Football]

Tyrell Shavers, WR [Brief Writeup] — to Buffalo Bills [Twitter/Ryan Fowler]

Jonah Tavai, DL [Draft Profile] — to Seattle Seahawks [Twitter/Justin Melo]

Alama Uluave, OL [Brief Writeup] — to Miami Dolphins [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

San Jose State

Elijah Cooks, WR [Draft Profile] — to Jacksonville Jaguars [Twitter/San Jose State Football]


Austin Ajiake, LB [Draft Profile] — to Carolina Panthers [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Adam Plant Jr., DE [Brief Writeup] — to Las Vegas Raiders [Twitter/Joe Arrigo]

Utah State

Logan Bonner, QB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts [Twitter/Utah State Football]

Brian Cobbs, WR [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Washington Commanders [Twitter/R3V Sports]

Alfred Edwards, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invites from Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos [Twitter/Utah State Football]

Calvin Tyler Jr., RB [Draft Profile] — to Cincinnati Bengals [Twitter/Ryan Fowler]


Eric Abojei, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Miami Dolphins [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Titus Swen, RB [Draft Profile] — to Indianapolis Colts [Twitter/Tom Pelissero]



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