San Diego State vs. Alabama: Getting To Know The Crimson Tide

San Diego State vs. Alabama: Getting To Know The Crimson Tide

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San Diego State vs. Alabama: Getting To Know The Crimson Tide


San Diego State vs. Alabama: Getting To Know The Crimson Tide?

Who are the Aztecs playing?

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No. 1 team in the country

San Diego State is in the Sweet 16 and taking on the No. 1 overall seed in Alabama. This will be no joke of a matchup as the Crimson Tide are beyond a good team with a lot of NBA talent on this roster.

To get to know this SEC powerhouse is A.J. Spurr of Roll Tide Wire to answer our burning question for this game on Friday late afternoon.

1. Who are the key playmakers on this team beyond star Brandon Miller?

Jahvon Quinerly has shown up to play and means business. He has the ability to create plays for himself and is unselfish so as to not force something that’s not there. Noah Clowney and Mark Sears are key contributors that can be difference-makers in any game

2. This is a matchup of two different teams. Alabama has a top 5 scoring offense while SDSU has a top 25 scoring defense. How has the Tide faired against top defenses?

– Alabama has taken on three teams that currently rank top 10 in scoring defense (No. 2 Houston, No. 3 Tennessee, No. 9 Mississippi State) and managed to only lose against one, Tennessee. The Crimson Tide will sometimes take time to figure out defenses, which is why games will be close at the half and then be blown wide open in the second half. I anticipate this to be one of those games where Alabama won’t be able to come out swinging, but will find ways to get things going offensively.

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3. San Diego State is a veteran team with all upperclassmen starting; what type of troubles could that cause as Alabama plays a less experienced lineup?

– While there may be concerns regarding a lack of experience, especially against a team of veterans to the game, I don’t foresee that being an issue here. Jahvon Quinerly has that veteran presence, but the team is led and dominated by younger players. So far, it hasn’t seemed to hurt the top overall seed in the tournament all too much. If the Crimson Tide does have any issues in this matchup, I don’t think a lack of experience would be first to blame. Brandon Miller and others are playing like they have been here before.

4. What aspect of the San Diego State team should worry Alabama?

– The elite defense. Though I earlier mentioned Alabama has fared well against quality defenses this season, there is always a concern that the second half mirrors the first. On multiple occasions, the Crimson Tide entered halftime with a slim lead or even a deficit but managed to go on a run that was just big enough to ward off the other team. If adjustments aren’t made or if the team can’t go on a run, then things might get interesting in Louisville.

5. What are the weaknesses that San Diego State could expose against Alabama?

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– Turnovers. Plain and simple. If the Aztecs can get the ball out of Alabama’s hands, then the Tide could be in trouble. Nate Oats and the Tide run a fast-paced offense that has been rattled in the past, which leads to careless mistakes. Considering San Diego State has a strong defense, I think it’s possible they game plan specifically for shaking up the offense.

6. How do you see this game being played out?

– I believe this game will be the closest one yet for Alabama. The first two wins for the Tide were by over 20 points, most are expecting this one to be within 10. I don’t believe the Crimson Tide will start strong, but hold their own in the first half and manage to grow a steady lead in the second half. There may be some back and forth throughout this contest, but I think it ultimately goes the way of the Crimson Tide.




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