What are the chances according to bookmakers  that Juventus can qualify for the Champions League

What are the chances according to bookmakers  that Juventus can qualify for the Champions League

What are the chances according to bookmakers  that Juventus can qualify for the Champions League


Juventus is going through a delicate period, not so much in terms of results but from a corporate management point of view. Problems that have caused a collapse in the standings of the bianconeri in Serie A.

Given the recent 15-point penalty, Juventus finds itself outside the Champions League qualifying area, a hard blow that has raised many concerns among the fans, but above all within the management.

As reported by the bookmaker Campobet, the hopes for a qualification, now reside in the Europa League and Serie A.

In this article we are going to analyze the chances of Juventus to get qualified  so you can better structure your betting strategies if you want to bet on this team.

The Chances of qualifying winning the Europa League

The Europa League is a chance to qualify, but currently bringing home a victory of that caliber represents an almost impossible feat for Juventus.

Most of the hopes reside in the current Serie A championship, in which after the penalty, Juventus found themselves sinking to tenth place in the standings.  But despite the concerns at the top, Allegri seems to be proactive for a recovery and an essential placement in the top 4 for qualification in the Champions League.  The Bianconeri’s club responded to the penalty by fighting, bringing home excellent results in the championship and closing the gap to about ten points from the coveted podium.

The chances that he will succeed in the enterprise today are certainly not many, but in the case of a cancellation of the penalty, he would hypothetically be among the top 3, therefore in the safety zone.

He may be able to qualify even without a cancellation, but this would mean maintaining a record average of points per game, i.e. winning 90% of the games played.

Currently the goal of the Juventus club is not to give up even for a second.  Certainly Dusan Vlahovic played a fundamental role in achieving the goal, who returned to the field after several days of rest, allowing the team to shine again.  What must now be done is to weigh each game, margins of error are not allowed in what for the team represents the climb to qualifying for the Champions League.

What the bookmakers say

The attitude of the major bookmakers towards a possible team victory is not particularly positive, if before the odds were around 7.50 and 8, now we find figures between 40.00 and 60.00, mainly due to the penalties received.

The “goal” to be achieved

Not qualifying for the Champions League would mean not only a lot of frustration on the part of the team, but also a boulder on the club’s finances, and this would start a snowball effect that could penalize the team in the coming seasons.  Adding up all the various losses, including missed qualification bonuses and position Ranking bonuses, the total funds that Juventus would lose amounts to 50 million euros, a considerable sum for a team aiming to recover.

To ensure that Juventus can qualify for the Champions League next year, they need to be placed among the top 4positions in the championship, while fourth position will allow them to enter the preliminary stages, everything will depend on the approach with which the team decides to face this second half.

The chances that Juventus will therefore be able to obtain the Scudetto seem completely low, especially in the face of an increasingly fit and determined Napoli.  On the contrary, returning to the podium is by no means impossible, counting that the points that separate Juve from Roma, currently fourth , are less than 15. This on future projections shows that the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League is closer to reality than to the dream.


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