Learn How to Make Money as A Casino Affiliate

Learn How to Make Money as A Casino Affiliate

Learn How to Make Money as A Casino Affiliate


Betting isn’t the only way some people make money in the online casino world. The gambling industry is home to many affiliate programs, and these can provide an immense source of wealth if you know what you’re doing. If you run a casino review website or have a successful blog, web domain or social media account, you could be earning by referring players to casinos. How is that possible? Here is everything you need to know to make money as a casino affiliate.

What Are Casino Affiliates?

Casino affiliates are private individuals (or groups) that target ordinary people. They convince them, often through reviews and videos, that they should sign up and play at one casino over others. If the bettor decides to do just that and become a member of the casino, then the casino affiliate prospers financially for their service.

Referral-Based Revenue Shares

As with any affiliate service, the more successful a casino affiliate is in convincing players to join them, the better the rewards become. However, there are two ways in which an affiliate may net rewards. One of these is a referral-based revenue share. Here, the casino affiliate with net financial rewards based on the number of new people they successfully manage to convince to join an online casino during a month, quarter, or alternative period.

Deposit-Based Revenue Shares

The second way that casino affiliated can receive a chunk of change is via a deposit-based revenue share. Here, the affiliate will also get a reward whenever the player deposits money into their casino account. The more prolific the bettor is in wagering at the casino, the bigger the slice of the pie the affiliate will receive.

Typical Commission Blocks

Each casino will either have its own affiliate service (or none) or be part of a network, a group of casinos using the same affiliates if you will. The type of commission you can receive will depend on the service provided.

It is not uncommon for affiliates at the bottom of the ladder to pocket around 20% (of the deposited total) in revenue. The most successful affiliates can take 30%, even 40% at times. There is usually a minimum limit that must be bet before a casino pays its affiliates. Most have a system whereby if an affiliate fails to raise enough revenue, that will roll over to the following month, and so on.

How to Get Started

Each affiliate program works differently, and some are fairer than others. We find that promoting games like roulette at Rollers.IO is a lot easier than with rival casinos. The better the casino and the more exciting the service they provide, the easier it will be to refer members to them. Moreover, you want to join a casino affiliate service where the site’s team regularly supplies you with headers, promotional material and more. This makes your job as an affiliate far simpler and easier.


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