All About Average Bowling Score

All About Average Bowling Score

All About Average Bowling Score


Bowling is a simple sport to score. Though, the multiple possible scoring chances or possibilities make it fun or exciting to play. Every player, whether new or old, needs to understand the importance of achieving well in bowling. 


Most people play this game for fun or as a hobby. Though, beginners first may feel frustrated or disappointed if they score low. But like any other sport, bowling becomes good with a lot of practice and dedication. However, a player also needs to know about this game in-depth while knowing about the average bowling score. 

What Is A Good Bowling Average?

Every aspiring bowler keeps asking this question of average bowling score. To get a score in bowling, each player gets points for every pin. Suppose a player will not get the point for each pin-down. In this case, the player will automatically get ten points for each pin-down. It is generally known as punch, lick, or bow. 

For any league bowler, getting a score of 175 points in a bowling game is considered an excellent average bowling score. On the other hand, for a beginner player, 175 points of a gaming score is considered a brilliant score. 

Good Bowling Score For Beginners 

For any new player in bowling, the frustration of understanding the difference between their score and the score of experienced players is quite normal. But there are various ways to know if your core in bowling is average or above average. 

Firstly, it is vital to understand how to score in bowling. A bowler usually gets ten tries to knock down ten-pin sets in every game. It means that the minimum score of a player in the ten sets will be zero, and the highest score will be 300. Bowlers can also receive at least two additional turns to play. 

For new bowlers, the bowling score generally varies on certain factors like skill, experience, and environment. However, a decent bowling score for any new player will lie between 140 and 170. 

Good Bowling Score For Amateurs 

For bowlers who no longer stand in the league of beginners but don’t want to get to the professional level, the average score for them would be generally higher. Amateur bowlers may simply bowl only for fun. The score of these bowlers is higher in comparison to the new bowlers. The average score for recreational or non-league bowlers is close to 70 to 100. This score is generally considered the average bowling score in the league game. 

Good Score For The Professional Bowlers 

At any highest level of bowling, the score for any professional bowler who wants to practice consistently will vary compared to beginners or amateurs. Professional bowlers can often get a bowling score of 200 for each game. It may also exceed 250 points for each game. Anything above the score of 220 will be considered an excellent game worthy of every professional. But some professionals aim at scoring above that too. 

How To Calculate The Bowling Average?

Knowing how to calculate the average is of utmost importance in bowling, especially in league play when the numbers are relevant to the tournament. To calculate the bowling average, calculate the number of points scored in one bowl by the number of games in one season. In this way, you will get your average score. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you are a beginner bowler or a pro in bowling, scoring well is of utmost importance. But what’s more important to you is knowing the average bowling score so that you can understand the game more efficiently. When you know about the average scores, you will be better positioned to set a bar for your score and raise that bar.


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