Strategies on How to Beat Slots at Online Casinos

Strategies on How to Beat Slots at Online Casinos

Strategies on How to Beat Slots at Online Casinos


When it comes to different types of gambling games, sold machines are arguably the most popular. It is no wonder since they are the easiest you understand and use. Most beginners start with slot machines and later move on to table games. However, online slots are not as easy as they may seem. All online casinos have different tricks to maximize their profit, and you, as a player, can do the same. After all, all of these games are based on mathematical equations and statistics. All of them can be calculated, and this particular knowledge can be used to your advantage. So let’s look at different strategies you can use to beat the math behind slot machines.

Read Reviews

It is practically impossible to hide certain information online, especially when it is negative or comes directly from users. This is true about different gambling games. Players are very quick to leave reviews, especially if they are dissatisfied with certain products. We recommend starting with basic reviews and searching for the best slot machines on reliable websites. Here we also recommend starting with SlotoTimes and checking out the technical characteristics behind your favorite slots. This website has all the information about free bonuses and special features within the game, like free spins. You will also see technical characteristics, like volatility and RTP. However, we will get to these mathematical aspects a little bit. In other words, this website is a quick guide to gambling. They have all the most popular slot machines, and you will easily compare and contrast every single one. After all, slots have to be perfect for you, and it will be our next point for discussion.


As we have mentioned, all slots are based on mathematical models. This means that you’re not playing against a person. All the outcomes are pre-calculated before. This also means it doesn’t matter who will play a specific game. The result will be the same since the machine already has a perfect algorithm. You’ll have to find a trustworthy platform to ensure that the math behind your slot machine is completely reliable. They are always checked by third parties and must comply with the rules and regulations of fair gambling. Besides, they also have to use random number generators. This specific program ensures that the game’s outcome will be completely random and will not be changed by the game developer. 

RTP and Volatility

There are two other things you will have to know when it comes to math. These two notions are RTP and volatility. RTP is an average return to the player that is usually calculated in percentages. An industry average is usually around 96%. At the same time, volatility showcases how often the game will pay you. These technical characteristics will directly influence whether this game is a good choice for you, which will be our next point.

Choosing The Perfect Game

Choosing a perfect game is not easy. There are many great slot machines out there. However, they are all attributed to your specific players. Let’s talk about volatility first. We have low, medium, and high volatility. Low volatility means a slot machine will pay you for almost every spin. Nevertheless, you will only get small wins, even if they are frequent. This particular level will be perfect for beginners or people who only have a couple of dollars to spend. This game will keep you on your toes without you having to spend everything on the first spin.

If we move on from low volatility, we will get to medium and high. If you want to play high-volatility slots, you’ll have to be prepared to have hundreds of dollars in your bank account. It will pay you generously, but only after dozens of spins. The case, of course, might be different. Still, it is an average situation that we see in the majority of such slot machines. Finally, don’t forget to find a high RTP. We advise any slot that is higher than 96%. This way, you are increasing your chances of getting a proper profit.

Bottom Line

Beating a slot machine will not be easy, and how to know about delta 8 urine detection time. However, if you understand math basics and rely on trustworthy platforms, you can profit properly. First and foremost, make sure your casino is licensed. This will directly influence their mathematical models. After that, find a perfect game. For higher budgets, we recommend high volatility. You can start with low volatility if you want to play for fun. 

Cory Shilling

Cory is a writer and content strategist behind gambling articles. He also understands the basics of slot statistics that help him to craft the best content for players. In his free time, Cory also likes to browse, searching for new slots every Thursday.



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