NBA: regular season review, playoff contenders

NBA: regular season review, playoff contenders

NBA: regular season review, playoff contenders


Basketball is one of the three most popular sports disciplines, and the NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world. The championship is held in two stages: the regular season and the playoff stage. Championship participants are divided into two conferences (Western and Eastern), 15 teams each, which in turn are divided into six divisions. Sixteen of the strongest clubs compete for the main trophy – the Larry O’Brien Cup.

The NBA championship is not only a spectacular sporting event, but also a major business project. The champion receives from six to eight million dollars for the victory only as a prize, not counting advertising revenue, broadcasting rights, and ticket sales. Bookmakers pay great attention to the NBA; millions of bets are placed annually on league team matches. You can also join the huge army of bettors who make money on bets. It is enough to go to Mostbet yuklab olish your account and replenish your account. MostBet offers bonuses. To get the best deal, deposit funds to your deposit within 15 minutes of signing up.

Intermediate results of the championship 2022-2023

More than a third of the matches in the regular season of the league have been played, and it is already possible to sum up some intermediate results. In our review, we will analyze the game of teams, potential participants in the playoff stage. Bookmakers have made certain adjustments to the list of the most likely contenders for the title. Today, most experts see the following clubs in the semi-finals:

  • Boston Celtics
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Los Angeles Clippers

Boston Celtics

In the summer off-season, most experts and bookmakers agreed that Boston would be able to compete not only for reaching the playoffs, but also for the main trophy. Such confidence was based on the successful performance of the team last season, when the Celts were stopped a step away from the title. Aime Udoki did a great job with the team in his rookie season, but was removed from the coaching bridge for reasons unrelated to basketball. Joe Mazzullo, who took over as coach, managed to keep the backbone of the team (center Robert Williams left) and keep the pattern of the game. Leading up to the championship, there were rumors that second main center Al Horford was about to retire. Nevertheless, Al is showing a great game, intending to win the title in his final season. Boston Celtics, as before, remains the main contender for the Larry O’Brien Cup.

Milwaukee Bucks

Despite the emerging decline in the game (as a result, the loss in the last three matches), Milwaukee remains one of the likely contenders for reaching the final. The team ranks second in the Eastern Conference table, demonstrating a well-coordinated game both in defense and in attack. Last season ended at the quarterfinal stage, where the Reindeer lost to the Boston Celtics. The current Milwaukee championship started with five wins, but then lost momentum. The defeat in the last round looks especially offensive, when the “deer” lost 21 points to the same Boston. And this despite Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 27 points and Drew Holliday’s 23 points. Obviously, the absence of Chris Middleton, who cannot heal his injuries, is affecting.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn continues their amazing streak of 13 wins in 14 games. Jacque Vaughn, who came to the coaching bridge during the championship, managed to raise the team to third place in the regular championship of the Eastern Conference. And this despite an extremely unsuccessful start (one victory in six starting matches). Team leaders Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have regained their former confidence and seem to have forgotten about their plans to change the club. Nicholas Claxton also shows an excellent game. Worth mentioning is the fact that Kevin Durant came out on the 15th place in the number of points scored in the history of the NBA. Brooklyn’s playoff berth is undeniable. It remains to find out whether the Nets have enough strength to fight for the main trophy.

Denver Nuggets

Denver’s leadership position in the Western Conference came as a surprise only to those who do not know about the ability of the team’s coach Michael Malone to set up his wards to fight and distribute the team’s strength over a long tournament distance. Many experts expressed doubts about the possibility of the “nuggets” getting into the playoffs precisely because of the short bench. But now it seems that these doubts have been dispelled. Team leaders Jamal Murray, Michael Porter and Nikola Jokic are having a great season. The main thing to be afraid of. so it’s trauma.

It should also be noted confident game “nuggets” with their main rivals for leadership in the conference. In the last rounds Phoenix were defeated. Portland and Memphis. However, the main struggle is still ahead.

Los Angeles Clippers

Tyrone Lew leads a confident team with a well-placed collective and individual game. Last year, the team was pursued by injuries to the leaders, so the “hairdressers” often lost to weaker opponents. Today, Paul George has healed his injuries and shines again on the site. In the last game against Detroit, Paul scored 32 points with 4 rebounds and 11 steals. It remains to wait for the moment when another team leader, Kawhi Leonard, recovers. Despite the current fourth place in the Western Conference, the Clippers, as before, are considered one of the main contenders for getting into the semi-finals. And everything is possible there.


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