Some of the best Athletes In Canadian History

Some of the best Athletes In Canadian History

Some of the best Athletes In Canadian History


Canada is a land of opportunities that bred some of the most skilled athletes in numerous sports, including ice hockey. In addition to gifted athletes, the country is also known for its incredible scenery, one of the most diversified wildlife, and more juxtaposed to an exceptional nightlife. This nightlife is as wild as the country’s forests with places to enjoy great parties, and satisfying casino experiences that you can also emulate online at Platin Live Casino Canada. Here are some of the best athletes in Canadian history.

Wayne Gretzky

National treasure Wayne Gretzky is one of hockey’s finest players, and a legend for any Canadian. Although, he retired in 1999, he still played 20 seasons for four of the best ice hockey teams in the world, including the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers. Gretzky was never the biggest or the meanest player, in fact he was below average physically, but he was renowned for being the smartest. He was able to read the game like no one and adapt swiftly, which become handy when he became a coach, up until 2009.

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe is not with us anymore, but he will stay in the hearts of Canadian hockey fans forever. This Saskatchewan player partook in 26 seasons for the NHL, and six for the WHA. Howe was known as “Mr. Hockey”, and for a good reason. With 801 goals, and 1,850 points in total during his time in the NHL, his phenomenal track record is legendary. He entered Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame in 1975 and listed as the third-best player in the List of Top 100 NHL Players of All Time.

Terry Fox

Canada is not only about hockey, and Terry Fox is the prime example of that. Fox was more than an athlete, he was also a humanitarian and cancer research activist with multiple talents. In order to raise awareness, after being amputated due to cancer, Fox decided to run a cross-country marathon from the Eastern Canadian coast to the West. He also played wheelchair basketball for Edmonton. Even after his tragic passing in 1981 at age 22,Terry Fox is regarded as more than an athlete, he’s a symbol of how sport can help us overcome the direst of situations.

Ferguson Jenkins

The Americans should thank the land of Maple Syrup for Ferguson Jenkins, because his MLB career is something to behold. Jenkins, played from 1963 to 1983 for the Phillies, the Cubs, the Texas Rangers, and the Red Sox, and he even joined the Harlem Globetrotters from 1967 to 1969. He disputed his best season in 1971 with the Chicago Cubs, and he was named NL player of the month in July of this year for his record of 6-1, 2.49 ERA, and 49 strikeouts.

Clara Hughes

If you believe sports is only a man’s world, allow us to prove you wrong with Clara Hughes. This Canadian cyclist and speed skater won olympic medals in both disciplines, and she’s one of the few athletes with podium positions in both the Winter and Summer Olympics. She’s highly regarded for her career and her humanitarian efforts, and she’s an Officer of the Order of Canada, one of the highest distinction for a Canadian citizen. 


Sports and Canada mix like syrup on a pancake, some people may refuse to acknowledge it, but they’re inseparable. Maybe it’s due to the harsh weather or our strong communities, but Canada managed to create some of the best athletic talents over the years, and we’ll hopefully have more legends to tell in the future.


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