A Guide on Live Betting

A Guide on Live Betting

A Guide on Live Betting


The game of cricket is one of the best team games that is played throughout the world. It has a long history and is popular in many countries for its fun, excitement, and strategic nature. Cricket betting has become a huge industry where people can bet on matches taking place all over the world live. Here are tips on how to win live cricket betting.

Get to know the Teams

Before you place your bets, the first thing to do is to get familiar with the teams that are going to play. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses and how they are going to perform in different conditions. Also, find out about their batting and bowling lineups, their form in recent matches, and who their key players are.

Picking the Winning Side

There is no sure-shot way of picking the winner in cricket betting but there are some strategies that you can use. If a team has a better batting lineup or bowling attack that week, playing on their win is your best bet. Also, if one team has beaten another recently or if one player has made a big impact in his last match, betting on them to win again is a good idea.

Team Form

There is no better way to score big than to go against the field. The problem with this strategy is that it takes a lot of knowledge, and most people need to improve at reading team form. You can still place your bets based on this factor though. You can scan the teams’ results to see if they have played well or poorly recently and decide whether you should back them.

Betting on Overtime

When you are betting on cricket betting, you should always bet on overtime. The reason for this is because it is a lot harder for teams to get bowled out in overtime. Only two results are possible when the game enters into extra time: win or tie. In this scenario, the team with the better batting lineup will always have an advantage.

Betting on Pitching

Just like cricket betting, you should always bet on pitching too when playing cricket betting games online. Pitching is very important in cricket because it determines the outcome of a match. Remember to look at the teams’ pitching matchups if you’re betting on a game. The team that has a very good matchup will almost always win.

Betting on Individual Players

It is also important to know about the players that make up each team’s batting lineup and bowling attack. This will help you determine who you should back and who you should avoid playing cricket betting games online.

Place Your Bets

After considering all of these points, you should now have a clear picture of who is going to win the game. This is when you should start placing your bets on cricket betting games online. You have to keep in mind though that no matter how much money or time you spend studying a particular match, there will always be luck involved with live cricket betting.


Cricket betting is a lot of fun and highly profitable if you know what you are doing. The key to earning money when playing cricket betting is to have a good understanding of the game so that you can tell whether or not a particular team will win. You should always bet on teams that have better batting lineups, and remember to place your bets on overtime in live cricket betting games online.


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