What Does a Beginner Need to Know About US Football?

What Does a Beginner Need to Know About US Football?

What Does a Beginner Need to Know About US Football?


American Football is about as famous of a game in North America as Vegas online casino gaming is! The game is played throughout the world. The professional leagues of American football attract skillful players worldwide, making it one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

The match’s peak comes as Super Bowl and is played every year, which millions of people attend yearly. The game evolved in the US and originated from rugby and soccer, and the teams played the first American football match on Nov 6, 1869. Officials set the rules based on soccer.

The game is also known by the name gridiron and is played by two teams, each having eleven players. The rectangular field has two goalposts present at each end of the field. The team having the football advances the field either by running or passing the ball to another team member.

The Main Aim of the Game

The game’s main aim is to make more points than the opponent team within the given time. To achieve this objective, the team must move the ball down the pitch in different games before the ball gets to the endzone for down touch. This can be done by throwing the ball to another team member or running with that ball.

Both teams get four chances to move the ball forward at around 10 yards. The game resets when the team has passed the ball 10 yards, and the round starts again for another 10 yards. When four such downs have given, and none of the teams has succeeded in crossing 10 yards, the player will give the ball to the defensive team.

Scoring of the Game

When a team player does a touchdown, the team is given six points. The unit can score this by taking the ball into the endzone, and receiving the ball from another player while in the endzone can also be helpful for the team. After doing a touchdown, the offensive team will get an opportunity to kick the ball and get an extra score.

The kick will be considered successful if it passes between upright posts. The player can score a field goal from anywhere on the pitch, irrespective of the time. In the field goal, the successful kick will provide the team with three points. Safety is provided when the defensive team tackles the offensive opponent in their endzone, which will award the team 2 points.

Equipment Plus Players

In other teams, there are 11 players present on the field, whereas the American football team consists of 45 players. The teams are divided into three groups: defense, offensive, plus exceptional players. Defense groups include more prominent or influential players entrusted with the responsibility of stopping the players from running.

The offensive group consists of players who are stronger, smaller, and fast and includes the quarterback, who runs offensive play plus throws the ball toward the teammates. In contrast, special players are responsible for punting and kicking and have both larger and faster players.

The field for the match is 100 yards in length and 60 yards in width. The field consists of lines drawn at a distance of 10 yards. These lines indicate how far each team should go before ending in the endzone. Such endzones are present at both sides of the pitch and have a length of around 20 yards. Posts can be seen at each end, the point at which the kicker kicks the ball and scores points.

Fouls and Officials

Officials are responsible for implementing game rules and monitoring the game. They make sure that each member of the game follows the rules. They keep a whistle with them and wear a black hat, distinguishing them from the referee, who uses a white hat. Each person carries a yellow flag which they use to indicate foul.

The official throws the yellow flag on the ground signaling the foul, and when they spot various fouls, the officials tell it by throwing their caps. Different officials on the field are given additional responsibilities so that each activity on the field is monitored closely. The referee stands behind and at the sides of the offensive back.

He controls the whole game and has the authority to down numbers, score, implement the rule, and discuss with officials. He announces the penalties given in the match to any team, checks all the illegal hits played against the quarterback, plus notifies the coach when a player is ejected from the game.

The empire of the game is present in the defensive backfield, where he watches the complete game along the line of scrimmage. He ensures that the number of players on the field is at most 11 and that no lineman is downfield on pass plays.

In addition to this, he observes contact between defensive and offensive linemen and calls the holding penalties. The umpire records the timeouts and announces the winner of the toss. The umpire also assists the referee in making different decisions regarding the ball being close to scrimmage, etc. The back judge stands behind the empire in the defensive backfield.

He ensures that the defensive team does not have more than 11 players on the field and checks whether the catches are legal. He is also responsible for the play clock, managing the time between the plays when a visible play clock is not utilized.

The head judge stands at one end of the scrimmage. He observes the line of scrimmage and illegal violations by using his hands, plus helps the line judge with illegal motion calls.

Is American Football Somehow Similar to Rugby?

The teams in the rugby game have more players than an American football game. Similarly, the roles of the team members also differ. In American football, there are three different units, whereas, in rugby, the number of team members depends on the type of game. There are two types of rugby games: rugby union (having 15 players) and rugby league (having 13 players). Based on the fundamental difference, the players can play either as defenders or strikers.

In American football, the players either defend or attack when a team scores or loses, and the game stops and starts with the other 11 players. Even in between matches, officials can substitute the players, whereas, in the same rugby, players remain on the field throughout the game, irrespective of which team has the ball. Both teams should play equally in offense and defense.

Winning the Football Game

The team who has scored more excellent points at the end will be the winner of the game. If the points of both groups are equal, then over time, it will be implemented where teams will continue the match for another quarter until one team wins the game.

The Audience of the Game

This popular sport in the US has a broadcast viewership audience. The most popular form of such matches is college and professional football, while other forms include high school or youth football.

It is estimated that around 1.1 million people in high school, plus thousands of college students, play American football annually. The National Football League is the most popular, with the greatest audience of any other sport in the world. The average annual revenue of the league is around $15 billion which adds value to it.


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