Football Clubs With Big Gambling Sponsors

Football Clubs With Big Gambling Sponsors

Football Clubs With Big Gambling Sponsors


Have you noticed the company name or logo on the kit of your favorite football team? That is their official sponsor. And it is almost mandatory for each professional soccer team to get sponsors as they provide a means to fund the club. Read on for an up-to-date list of football clubs with big gambling sponsors. Before that, however, let us give you answers to one of the most-asked questions about football sponsorships.

What do Football Clubs Look for in a Sponsorship Deal?   

The first thing that clubs look for in a sponsor is affluence. It needs to be a moneyed brand that can chip in every time without giving excuses. After all, they are cashing the publicity you give them whenever you get on the pitch. Secondly, the company needs to be reputable. Assume it is a gambling company in the UK, for example. It needs to meet all the characteristics of the best online gambling sites reviewed on this website, such as good player bonuses, convenient payment methods, and a decent selection of games. Most importantly, it should hold a license to guarantee safety and fairness to all players. Here are the details:

Casino bonuses

These give you extra credit to play your favorite games. You will come across deposit match, reload, and cashback bonuses, to mention a few. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions every time. 

○ Extended portfolio of games in categories such as slots

You are signing up in a casino to enjoy casino games. It, therefore, makes total sense for you to seek a casino with an unlimited game collection. 

○ A gambling site featuring convenient payment methods

Not being able to withdraw your funds from a casino would be a nightmare. That is why you should always check to ensure that the casino features convenient payment methods for players in your region, from e-wallets to cryptocurrency. 


5 Football Clubs with Big Gambling Sponsors  

Now that we understand how soccer teams land sponsorships, we will not keep you waiting with the list that drew you here in the first place.

○ Man City

EPL’s reigning champions top our list, as some of their current regional partners are gambling companies. The first is Leo Vegas, which you can spot on City’s in-stadia components and the men’s first squad’s drills kit. There’s also 8Xbet, which enjoys LED exposure at Etihad, plus recognition on Asian-focused digital platforms, Cityzens included.

○ Everton

After a good run with Sportpesa, it’s clear that Everton is still open to collaborating with gambling brands. They recently announced a record-breaking deal with, which will see the new sponsor take up space on the team’s kit for the 2022/23 season. 

○ Manchester United

City’s local rivals like to keep things simple with sponsorships, only offering a single spot for different categories such as kit supplier, training kit, principal, and gambling partner. The latter is currently occupied by Betfred, a brand with operations in South Africa, Spain, and the US.

○ Real Madrid

If you are looking for the mentioned team’s gambling sponsor in the current season, then it is SportyBet, a brand run by the Sporty group. The agreement covers African countries where the new sponsor is a market leader. 

Betway has remained West Ham’s official partner for almost a decade now. The company’s logo is synonymous with the club’s training and playing kits, and it doesn’t seem like the partnership will end any time soon.


While some gambling sponsors will stick to a single team for years, others will only commit to a one-year deal. That’s why you should always check to see if a particular team has switched gambling partners or let them go. 


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