Australians in College Football

Australians in College Football

Australians in College Football


Many Australians are making waves in division one universities. Here is the list of top Australians who played college football in the US according to their worthwhile performance in college matches and other competitions. 

Sam Irwin-Hill:

Sam Irwin-Hill is an Australian-born American who played as the punter for the University of Arkansas. Irwin-Hill blossomed after moving to Arkansas in 2013 from the City College of San Francisco. He scored a career-best punt of 79 yards last year and averaged 44.3 yards in 12 games for the strong South-eastern Conference. 

Due to a fake punt play against Texas A & M that gained the 23-year-old some recognition online, the ambidextrous Punter has an average of 40 yards and even a cheeky score to his name after nine games this season.

Irwin-Hill will be one of the favorites to win the Ray Guy Award, given to the finest Punter in college football, in his last season of eligibility for the NCAA before entering the NFL draught.

Adam Gotsis:

Adam Gotsis is taking 2nd place on this list. He is from Georgia Tech and at the position of Defensive Tackle, Defensive End. This person is a whole unit. He is a beast at 1.95m tall and 130kg. And has discovered a remarkable residence in Georgia.

He played 12 games as a freshman in America and made an early impression in the position. In 2016, Adam was drafted by Denver Broncos in the second round of the NFL Draft. He currently plays in the National Football League for Jacksonville Jaguars

Will Gleeson:

Will Gleeson played for Ole Miss from 2014 to 2018 in the Punter position. After redshirting his first year, Gleeson has started for the Rebels. 

Gleeson won the Punter of the week award in round one earlier this year following his first professional American football game. With a remarkable 70-yard bomb as his most prolonged attempt, Gleeson scored a respectable average of 43.7 in 2014 and is an expert at placing punts within the 20-yard Line.

Due to his inexperience in the sport, Gleeson undoubtedly has to improve in some aspects, such as hangtime, but so far, he’s significantly improved. Tim, his brother, plays Punter for Rutgers in the collegiate system.

Cameron Johnston:

Johnston came from Ohio State College and currently plays in the position of Punter for Houston Texans. Johnston, a former Australian Rules player, performed admirably in Ohio despite playing for a club that seldom has to punt. 

However, consistency is crucial. His true talent is in precise placement, preventing teams from having a chance to recover the ball. During his short time on the field, Johnston’s performance has been so impressive that several NFL draught websites rank him as the top Punter in his graduating class of 2017. 

Blake Muir:

Blake Muir played for Baylor college in the offensive Line position. Muir, who began his collegiate career in Hawaii, switched to Baylor despite receiving offers from Oregon State and Georgia Tech. 

The native of Sutherland Shire has been studying American football for some time, unlike most late bloomers in Australia. He participated in the Gridiron NSW league. He has put on weight despite being over 2 meters tall and 140 kg to occupy the left guard position on the offensive Line. 

Brad Craddock:

Brad Craddock is Australian-born American who is currently a free agent. He played for the College of Maryland as a Kicker and Punter. The native of Adelaide first arrived in Maryland as a punter but subsequently switched to kicking. 

The beginning was not an easy process. But like most Australians who face a trial by fire while learning the American game in college, Craddock’s progress has been astonishing. His field goal conversion percentage was 62% as a freshman kicker; it increased to 84% the following year.

He also set a record, scoring a 57-yard field goal against Ohio State University which is the longest field goal in Terrapins history. He also recorded the highest conversion rate in the school’s history at 94.7% as well as the highest career field goal conversion rate of 81.7%. 


There are plenty of Australians who played college football in the USA but hardly any of them made it. However, some of them set records that are still unbreakable in College Football, and some of them even made it to the NFL.


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