UNLV's Expectations For The Football Program

UNLV's Expectations For The Football Program

Mountain West Football

UNLV's Expectations For The Football Program


UNLV’s Expectations For The Football Program

The Next Head Coach Will Shape The Program’s Future

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What Should UNLV’s Expectations Be?

On Monday, UNLV fired head coach Marcus Arroyo after three seasons with the program.

UNLV athletic director Erick Harper released a statement that indicated how Arroyo’s performance did not meet UNLV’s “increased expectations.” Although it was disappointing for the Rebels to not automatically qualify for a bowl game, UNLV made clear progress throughout the season with a 5-7 record.

Harper was ready to make the change after the 5-7 season. With a new coach on the horizon, Harper will need to hire someone who will meet the new expectations. Here are some of the clear expectations for the program moving forward:

Qualify For A Bowl Game 

If UNLV won six games, Arroyo could have saved his job. Unfortunately, Harper appeared to have a shorter leash on Arroyo since Harper did not hire Arroyo in 2019. Harper became the athletic director in January 2022. Whoever Harper hires will be expected to get UNLV to a bowl game as soon as 2023. Arroyo was able to get production out of the roster. In 2023, this roster will need to come together to have a winning season. UNLV had a difficult schedule at the end of the season, which hampered the team’s ability to win six games.

The Next Head Coach Cannot Afford To Start Slow 

The next head coach could have a longer leash than Arroyo, but the program will likely bring in someone with head coaching experience. The hope for UNLV is that the new head coach will be able to win immediately. If UNLV decides to hire someone with a winning track record at a Group of Five school, that coach will need to find a way to win with UNLV. Harper said that he will not be hiring a search firm to find the next coach, which means that he will be taking on the responsibility of finding the coach.

Revive A Dormant Program

UNLV wants to take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities, playing in an NFL stadium, and Las Vegas being an attractive location for a head coach. UNLV is located near a talented recruiting pool on the West Coast. If the next head coach can build a winner, more recruits and transfers could decide to play for UNLV. In the Mountain West Conference, towns that are not as attractive for tourists to visit have been able to build successful programs. Boise, Fresno, Laramie, San Diego, and San Jose are not as well known as Las Vegas, but the schools in those towns have been able to win games. UNLV will need to take advantage of its popular city and bring more attention to the program.


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