Cross-laminated wood as a solution to save the environment

Cross-laminated wood as a solution to save the environment

Cross-laminated wood as a solution to save the environment


The migration of people towards big cities has led to a massive boom in the construction industry. However, the resources are scarce as well as space, and we definitely need some green building technologies because of the high level of pollution. No wonder, that such environmentally-friendly materials as CLT floor and panels are in demand. Wood offers viable sustainable solutions for building. Let’s find out more.

Benefits of CLT

The building is responsible for half of the harmful emissions. Therefore, renewable materials such as wood are needed to prevent unpleasant consequences for the climate.

New building technologies have expanded the possibilities of mass wood construction, especially in medium and high-rise cases. For example, cross-laminated wood is described here and belongs to the most popular modern solutions.

These panels consist of several layers of wood that are alternated perpendicular to each other, glued, and pressed. Their weight is light but they can bear significant loads and can be used for the construction of floors, walls, and roofs.

There are other advantages of this material that contributed to its popularity, namely:

  1. Construction speed. This material is easy to work with and modify. The amount of waste is small. There are prefabricated profiles that can be easily constructed off-site that reduces the overall time of building.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Wood belongs to renewable resources and reduces carbon footprint.
  3. Security features. CLT panels provide fire and earthquake resistance. In case of fire, the construction maintains its properties for the time that is required for escape from the building.
  4. Reduced weight. The size and weight of this construction are lesser than for concrete or other materials.
  5. Thermal and sound properties. The thickness can be adjusted according to the environment and climate.

Altogether, this modern material proved itself to be reliable and highly versatile. In addition, its cost is affordable.


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