NFL Odds for 2022-2023 Season

NFL Odds for 2022-2023 Season

NFL Odds for 2022-2023 Season


As the regular season progresses, the futures market for NFL division champions takes shape. The NFC West competition is expected to be close, but other divisions look to have early favorites. 

Here are the most recent odds and what to look for when betting on this year’s division winners.

NFL division odds for 2022-2023

The chances for the division contests are still shaping up. Based on the current data, it appears that several of the races will be contested, with a clear favorite in a few categories. Here are the most recent odds for each division.

AFC East betting odds

The Bills are big favorites to win the AFC East for the second consecutive season. According to the current odds, the Dolphins are in the second position. The Jets are poised to compete with the Patriots for third place. Naturally, that will change depending on how the remaining divisional matchups between the three clubs play out.

AFC North betting odds

With a 5-3 record, the Ravens are in first place. The Bengals are close behind at 4-4, but Baltimore defeated its opponent in the first meeting of the season. The Browns look headed for third place, while the Steelers find themselves in the unexpected position of bringing up the rear in the AFC North race.

AFC South betting odds

The Colts were the preseason favorites, with the Titans behind them somewhat. Tennessee has previously defeated Indianapolis twice and currently holds a commanding advantage. The Jaguars were impressive early on, but they have since gone crashing down. The Texans continue to trail the pack in the AFC South race.

AFC West betting odds

The odds predicted that this would be one of the most competitive races of the season throughout the offseason. That is not how it is turning out. The Chiefs are the overwhelming favorites to win the AFC West once more. The Chargers are in command of second place, while the Broncos and Raiders have a lot of gaps to make up.

NFC East betting odds

The NFC East has three of the strongest teams in the conference after eight weeks. The unbeaten Eagles are certainly the favorites, but the Cowboys and Giants have all made strong starts. Meanwhile, the Commanders look set to finish last, yet they have won three games in a row. These are factors that you should be keen on if you want to know how to bet on football games

NFC North betting odds

The Vikings have total control of the NFC North and already have a head-to-head victory against the floundering Packers, who need to turn things around. The Lions and Bears have exhibited competitive streaks occasionally, but it appears like the two clubs are in a fight for third place.

NFC South betting odds

The Buccaneers have fallen short of preseason expectations. They are, however, still the overwhelming favorites to win the NFC South. In the fight for second place, the Falcons have surged ahead of the Saints. While the Panthers appear to be in for a long season, they have been competitive in recent weeks.

NFC West betting odds

The NFC West title was supposed to be decided between the Rams and the 49ers. This season, San Francisco has already won both head-to-head meetings. Meanwhile, Seattle has surprised and is asserting itself. The Cardinals were in the playoffs last year, but they are currently trailing the pack for the time being.


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