Week 8 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Week 8 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Air Force

Week 8 Mountain West Football Power Rankings


After Boise State, it is San Jose State then Air Force to round out the top three. UNLV took another big drop after its loss to Notre Dame. The Rebels falling is their missing players which is leading to defeats this year. A bowl game is still there as UNLV is 4-4.

The opposite leap came from Fresno State who was seventh and is now fourth and just a single vote ahead of Wyoming. In fact, five points separate the fourth through sixth spots.

12. Nevada (LW: 12, 9 points)

There is really not much to say positively about Ken Wilson’s first year as head coach. This will be a long rebuild, as most thought initially.

11. Hawaii (LW: 11, 18 points)

Timmy Chang‘s squad is slowly moving in the right direction but they still don’t have enough playmakers to do too much damage this year.

10. New Mexico (LW: 9, 23 points)

A quarterback change at quarterback with Justin Holaday getting the nod, but the offense did next to nothing against Fresno State. The defense is trying its best but the losses and quick change of possessions are catching up to them.

9. Colorado State (LW: 10, 32 points)

The best thing about the Rams is that Avery Morrow is stepping up his game to help freshman quarterback Clay Millen. This ground game will lift some of the pressure off of Millen getting sacked and pressured so often.

8. UNLV (LW: 5, 35 points)

The big issue is injuries to key players and the lack of depth that Marcus Arroyo is trying to build up. Once they get everyone healthy, this team looks more like a top half Mountain West squad.

Mountain West Bowl Projections After Week 8

7. Utah State (LW: 8, 44 points)

Can’t win with a fourth-string quarterback. The Aggies need Cooper Legas or even Levi Williams back to the field.

6. San Diego State (LW: 6, 64 points)

The running game isn’t great which is not ideal for this team as their quarterback situation is still not ideal. The defense also has not been as elite in years past and that shows with this record.

5. Wyoming (LW: 4, 68 points)

This is the definitive roller coaster team of the conference. Andrew Peasley is up and down but the rise of Titus Swen could make this team very interesting down the stretch with how he ran the ball recently.

4. Fresno State (LW: 7, 69 points)

New Mexico can cure a lot of issues. Logan Fiffe did well at quarterback holding the seat warm for Jake Haener.

3. Air Force (LW: 1, 85)

Fifteen points equal three conference losses and all but eliminate the Falcons from getting into the conference title race. They still have a lot to play for if they can beat Army after the off week, they will claim the Commander-In-Chief trophy.

2. San Jose State (LW: 3, 88)

They did not play last week due to a tragic loss of a teammate. We will see how the Spartans respond this week where there will be numerous ways to honor Camdan McWright.

1. Boise State (LW: 2, 8 first-place vote, 96 points)

It isn’t often pretty on offense but the Broncos are getting it done. The defense is elite and that helped them hold off Air Force last week as the offense went scoreless in the first half. The running back position is an interesting watch as there are some injuries in that group to starter George Holani and others.


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