The Utah Jazz: Is there any chance of winning the NBA title this season?

The Utah Jazz: Is there any chance of winning the NBA title this season?

The Utah Jazz: Is there any chance of winning the NBA title this season?


The 2022/2023 NBA season is up and running, with top teams in the western conference vying to make the playoffs. Utah Jazz, the team from Salt Lake City, has been one of the top contenders in the West conference for a long while. As Utah Jazz NBA 2022 season kicks off, their dominance of being part of the six teams to gain automatic qualification to the playoffs continues. And with the season coming up take a look at an exclusive code here to play for you

Utah Jazz NBA 2022 Season Prequel

The Utah Jazz team hasn’t had a glorious pre-season preparation for the NBA 2022 season. However, after coming up with a single win in their NBA pre-season, the fans are expecting much better things in the season. Besides, pre-season form does not determine a team’s success.

Furthermore, the team also witnessed a change in management with the appointment of a new coach. Utah Jazz currently has one of the youngest active coaches in the NBA, Will Hardy. However, with time it is believed the 34-year-old will have his players racking up the points in a short while.

Potential Talisman for the Utah Jazz

Last season saw Donovan Mitchel and Rudy Gobert as the key player for the Utah Jazz team. However, since then, these players have all been traded off. Donovan Mitchel moves to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves. These trade-offs came with a handful of players, ensuring depth in the Utah Jazz team.

New point guard Collin Sexton could be the potential talisman for the Utah Jazz NBA 2022 season. His addition will help circumvent the loss of Donovan Mitchell, as Sexton has proved to be an influential 3-point shooter. Therefore, there are high hopes for him to assist Utah Jazz in reaching the NBA playoffs. In addition, other new players like Lauri Markannen, Kelly Olynk, and Ochai Agbaji are all expected to help Utah Jazz go further in the new season.

Despite the overhaul, Utah Jazz still has some remaining veterans like Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson. Therefore, with a good blend between experienced veterans and youngsters, the Utah Jazz NBA 2022 season seems prominent.

Utah Jazz NBA 2022 Title Chances

Much work has gone into Utah jazz NBA 2022 season preparations. There has been a massive overhaul of the squad with so many trade-offs. However, Utah Jazz now boasts of a young and vibrant team, making them strong contenders for the playoffs finals.

Many vital additions have helped strengthen their core, ensuring a fresher team atmosphere. Also, the team entered a rebuilding phase after a disappointing 2021/2022 season playoffs exit against the Dallas Mavericks. Furthermore, with much faith placed in Will Hardy, it is believed by many he would rise to the task.

Utah Jazz’s Main Opposition in the Western Conference

The western conference has always been more demanding than the eastern conference, with many top teams present. 2021/2022 NBA championship winners, the Golden State Warriors are significant contenders in being number 1 in the western conference. However, the Phoenix Suns and the LA Clippers would hope to provide stricter competition for Utah Jazz to take the top spot in the conference.


Utah Jazz will be looking to reproduce a better performance of their 2020/2021 NBA season that saw them reach the NBA playoffs quarterfinal. Hence with the club boasting of a new look and quality young players, Utah Jazz NBA 2022 title chances prove to be very high.



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