2022 NFL Season: Week 6 Exciting Matches To Look Out For

2022 NFL Season: Week 6 Exciting Matches To Look Out For

2022 NFL Season: Week 6 Exciting Matches To Look Out For


This NFL season, you had not yet seen an early end to claim your favorites and underdogs. But, do know that the only unbeaten team in the NFL is the Philadelphia Eagles (5-0). The New York Giants are also currently at 4-1. Without Dak Prescott, the Cowboys have triumphed in four straight matches. In the NFC West, three teams have losing records, while the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson are in critical straits.

Although it’s too early to predict who are the huge favorites and underdogs this season, some teams have begun to showcase their real skills and talents to come out on top. Now that the NFL is on its Week 6 playoffs, here are some teams vying for victory this week. 

Chicago Bears V.S. Washington Commanders

In today’s NFL lines and odds, the Bears’ offense has been terrible, and even Justin Fields’ improvement was only marginal. They have won two games with an astounding average of 17 points and 275 total yardages.

That might be a challenge when playing as a Washington team that has demonstrated its capacity to move the game and contains a wealth of attacking tools. If Carson Wentz plays like he did in the first two matches and for the majority of his last games, the Commanders will be fine, as Ron Rivera so eloquently put it. 

But what if Bad Carson comes up and throws one or two crucial turnovers? The Bears’ greatest chance appears to be that. Although Wentz is unquestionably the superior quarterback in this matchup, it wouldn’t come as a complete surprise if he ended up doing worse.

Atlanta Falcons V.S. San Francisco 49ers 

The Niners decided to stay on the East Coast this week to prepare for their matchup against the Falcons in West Virginia after whipping the Carolina Panthers last weekend. Kyle Shanahan, a former offensive coordinator of the Falcons, makes his head coaching debut in Atlanta. 

He has won both of his meetings with his previous squad, most recently 31-13 in December of last year. The Niners have scored 3 of the previous five encounters and have a 48-32-1 series advantage overall.

Robbie Gould, San Francisco’s kicker, may not be available due to a knee injury sustained against the Panthers. Due to a groin ailment, defensive tackle Nick Bosa will probably miss the game on Sunday. Leading Falcons rusher Cordarrelle Patterson is still sidelined with a knee issue. Kyle Pitts, an Atlanta tight end, may also be out due to a persistent hamstring problem.

Cleveland Browns V.S. New England Patriots

The Browns’ ability to prevent turnovers has been crucial (.8 per game). Alongside running backs  Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, Cleveland executes conservative, power football.

With a shutout of the top-scoring offense of the Detroit Lions in Week 5, the Pats demonstrated that they had one of the best defenses in the league. It’s uncertain if Jones will play again or if the Patriots will continue to select Bailey Zappe.

Can the Pats’ defensive power continue its stellar performance next week? Every week, the Pats won’t be capable of keeping out opponents. But can they keep the Browns’ scoring total below 17? Zappe and his team can probably surpass that figure.

Green Bay Packers V.S. New York Jets 

Last week’s victory over the Miami Dolphins was significant for the New York Jets. Obviously, there are arguments against that victory’s legitimacy. Only the Dolphins’ backup quarterback remained. Despite being such a young group, the Jets are acting much more elegantly than we could have anticipated. The ideal test is the Packers’ defense. The fans might start to have faith in this team if Zach Wilson has a solid performance.

The longest ongoing home win streak in the NFL belongs to the Packers, who have earned 15 straight regular-season games at home. Additionally, under Matt LaFleur, the Green Bay Packers have not dropped consecutive regular-season contests in the same campaign. After a defeat under LaFleur, Green Bay is 10-0 during the regular season.

Even though it can be seen that the Jets are improving, the Packers are simply better at what they do and more motivated to win. A game between two weak teams can frequently be decided by that and home-field advantage. Aaron Rodgers, who could dominate over a game without or with a great defense, has obviously gone mostly unacknowledged.

Final Thoughts 

The Week 6 games in the NFL will be a game-changer. This will determine the standings of the teams in the AFC and NFC sides. Not only that, but this will also help the fans know who will be the huge favorites and underdogs. Given the most exciting matchups enumerated above, there is no reason to miss the NFL matches this weekend. Have fun, don’t forget to place your bets, and keep on rooting for your favorite team. 



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