Air Force vs. UNLV: Week 7 Takeaways

Air Force vs. UNLV: Week 7 Takeaways

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Air Force vs. UNLV: Week 7 Takeaways


Air Force vs. UNLV: Week 7 Takeaways

Air Force blasted UNLV, 42-7

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UNLV blown out at homecoming game

UNLV suffered a 35-point blowout loss to Air Force in Las Vegas on Saturday night. From the start of the game, it was an uncompetitive game for the Rebels and the early deficit was too steep to overcome.

There were moments for UNLV to close the distance in the first half but nothing materialized. By the end of the second quarter, the game was already in Air Force’s favor. Here is what went wrong for UNLV in the loss:

The Defense Could Not Stop Brad Roberts and John Eldridge III

Air Force running back Brad Roberts dominated the Rebels for the entire contest. He had 29 carries for 144 yards. The most impressive part of his performance was his four touchdowns that came near the goal line. Roberts led the rushing for Air Force, but he was not the only factor in the running game. John Eldridge started the scoring for Air Force with a 60-yard touchdown run in the 1st quarter. Eldridge finished the game with 116 rushing yards and 1 touchdown.

Early Mistakes Added Up 

UNLV had a rough start to the game when the offense could not hold onto the ball. UNLV coughed up several fumbles, which translated into key points for Air Force. The Rebels failed the limit the mistakes and the defense could not handle the offense’s lack of support.

The Offense Was Limited By Air Force’s Defense 

UNLV missed quarterback Doug Brumfield, who was out of the game with an injury. In Brumfield’s place was backup quarterback Cameron Friel. He had a hard time pushing the ball down the field to his receiver. Friel finished the game with 108 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He completed 80% of his passes. In total, the offense produced 179 yards of offense.


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