Air Force Falcons Football: Is Troy Calhoun being courted by Colorado?

Air Force Falcons Football: Is Troy Calhoun being courted by Colorado?

Air Force

Air Force Falcons Football: Is Troy Calhoun being courted by Colorado?


The Buffs Are Looking for a New Head Coach

Will CU Come Looking in Colorado Springs for Their Next Coach???

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Unfortunately for all involved, the Karl Dorrell era has come to an abrupt and pre-mature halt in Boulder. After a nice 4-2 start to his tenure in the shortened COVID season of 2020, coach Dorrell’s team won just four games the last two years combined. That includes the current 2022 winless campaign.

With the search for a new leader of their football program under way, there is a bit of chatter that their primary target is just South of the Colorado University Campus, in Colorado Springs.

Not surprising, Troy Calhoun’s name has once again been associated with a power five program’s head coaching vacancy. It is even less surprising that it is with CU, as they supposedly courted Calhoun after 2019 when Mel Tucker departed the program. The 16 year Air Force coach wasn’t interested then, which led to the Karl Dorrell era, and circumstances may have the Buffs trying to make yet another appeal to coach Calhoun.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first program to be associated with Troy Calhoun as a suitor. It hasn’t appeared likely though, that he’s been of serious interest to depart the Air Force Academy. So why would he consider it now?

Perhaps there is some appeal to going to a “major” conference. The PAC12 was recently pilfered by the Big Ten, but still holds significant markets with a few marque programs yet. Calhoun has remarked multiple times, the challenges a Military Academy faces competing in a conference (compared to that of Army West Point who competes as an Independent). This can lend to some relief on the recruiting front. Not that a less than stellar recruiting class has impaired Troy Calhoun and the Air Force Academy’s product on the field.

In the Karl Dorrell era, the Buffs ranked 58th (2022), 65th (2021) and 36th (2020) in recruiting classes according to Compare that to Air Force who was 127th, 93rd and 113th respectively in those same years. Considering Calhoun’s record as head coach during that span 17-7 (25-6 the last three full seasons- not counting the shortened COVID year), which includes a trouncing of Colorado this year along the way to the present 4-1 mark, it’s no wonder Colorado or any number of programs would come calling.

At the end of the day, there is a reason Troy Calhoun is still in Colorado Springs. A coach doesn’t accidentally stay somewhere for 16 years, they are wanted. And certainly on some level, that feeling is reciprocated. Calhoun routinely remarks on the privilege it is to prepare tomorrows Military officers, as it remains the primary objective at the Academy. Trading in the pride with that distinction as well as the culture of success that they’ve fostered in Colorado Spring’s would only come at an exchange of significant, if not unthinkable return to Calhoun.

I’m not sure that kind of return exists out there at this point in Troy Calhoun’s career, but only he knows. I certainly don’t anticipate the tradeoff to take the coaching position in Colorado poses anywhere near the appeal it would require to secure the Falcons head coach. That is a pretty daunting rebuild awaiting in Boulder, compare that to what they have cooking in the Springs, and it feels like this “potential candidate” discussion dies on the vine.




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