Week 4 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Week 4 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Air Force

Week 4 Mountain West Football Power Rankings


The biggest change was seeing Boise State which was No. 1 fall all the way to No. 7 after its loss to UTEP. On the flip side, UNLV made a huge leap by going from fifth to second and earning a pair of first-place votes.

The whole conference will be a week-to-week situation with who is at the top. Air Force which loss to Wyoming is No. 1 while the Cowboys dropped to sixth after their somewhat close loss to BYU over the weekend.

12. Hawaii (LW: 12, 14 points)

Umm… not much to say about the Warriors. It will be a long road.

11. Colorado State (LW: 11, 15 points)

Why are players transfering at such a high clip, especially wide receivers? We thought Jay Norvell was an ofefnsive dude.

10. Nevada (LW: 10, 29 points)

The losing streak is not unexpected after the ease into the schedule. Expect the Wolf Pack to struggle against even average teams.

9. Utah State (LW: 8, 34 points)

Guys… I don’t know what is going in Logan. They are moving the ball in the air decently enough but the turnovers and defense are killer.

8. New Mexico (LW: 9, 46 points)

Defense is above average nationally which is nice, but now they need to level up their quarterback situation.

7. Boise State (LW: 1, 59 points)

What a fall. QB Hank Bachemeier has stransfered and Tim Plough is out at offensive coordiantor and in comes former head caoch Dirk Koetter. Also, the offensive line still stinks.

6. Wyoming (LW: 4, 65 points)

We think Wyoming is a solid team this year. That Air Force win seems special and the offense is findint its way.

5. San Diego State (LW: 6, 70 points)

Quarterback situation is a complete mess, but at least the defense is showing up and keeping them in games. Well… at least against Toledo

4. San Jose State (LW: 7, 82 points)

This is a sneaky good team and if they cann get Kariee Robinson to take the next step this team will look a lot more like the 2020 version.

3. Fresno State (LW: 3, 81 points)

The Bulldogs without Jake Haener for a few weeks will be telling while Logan Fife is under center.

2. UNLV (LW: 5, 2 first-place votes 97 points)

This seems weird to see the Rebels this high. The big question is if they are for real. They are scoring points and playing solid defense. They will be tested soon and a little bit this week against New Mexico.

1. Air Force (LW: 2, 7 first-place votes, 104 points)

Despite having a conference loss they are at the top. The Falcons are a good team and go three deep at running back makes this offense legitimate when they run the ball.


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