Boise State vs. UTEP: Get To Know The Miners

Boise State vs. UTEP: Get To Know The Miners

Boise State

Boise State vs. UTEP: Get To Know The Miners


Boise State vs. UTEP: Get To Know The Miners

Thow are the Miners

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Another week and another familiar opponent

Old WAC foes Boise State and UTEP face off for a non-conference game out in the desert of El Paso. These two teams used to face with regularity back in the WAC days.

To get to know the Miners better we reached out to Adrian Broaddus of ESPN El Paso to help us through this game.

1. What has been the biggest change from preseason assumptions to now for UTEP?

UTEP is not nearly as talented as people expected. Fans and media members expected this group to contend for another bowl game and be a dark horse contender for the conference championship. Instead, they have regressed on both sides of the ball. Defensively, they are solid. The talent on defense took a step back from last year’s group, but they still make plays. Offensively, they have zero identity and struggle to do the basic things right.

2. Who are the key players for this UTEP team?

Safety Kobe Hylton has come along nicely for the defense. The Louisiana transfer is the go-to guy in the secondary, which was pretty much rebuilt this offseason.

EDGE Praise Amaewhule is one of the most talented guys on defense, but has been quiet this year so far. He could explode and have a big game for this team during the season.

3. Are there any significant injuries heading this week?

The lingering issues are mostly due to eligibility. Linebacker Breon Hayward has been trying all year long to become eligible through an NCAA waiver. As time goes on, the likelihood of this seems to be dwindling.

Safety Justin Prince has been indefinitely suspended for an unknown reason by the team.

4. How is this game perceived by fans? Is it still a big game due to their shared history from the WAC?

Fans are out on this team. They had high expectations during the preseason and at a 1-3 start, fans want this team to prove they should jump on board. From selling out the Sun Bowl in the season opener to now, the fan base is completely out on this team.

5. How do you see this game playing out?

Boise State will roll over UTEP. Defensively, the Miners might hang around. However, they have no answer on offense to try and score points, which will result in a loss on Friday.


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