8 Teams Who Will Have An Amazing NFL Season (And 8 Teams Who Won't)

8 Teams Who Will Have An Amazing NFL Season (And 8 Teams Who Won't)

8 Teams Who Will Have An Amazing NFL Season (And 8 Teams Who Won't)


So, the NFL offseason has concluded, and a brand new season is dawning upon us. However, as a fan of American Football, many people are still a little confused about where their team’s standing in terms of performance. 

And, some are also looking for an early prediction blog to make sure that they are betting on the best possible prospect. Hence, to serve our readers properly, we’ve tried to answer both of these questions in this blog. So, please keep reading till the end.

8 Teams Who’re Going To Have An Excellent NFL Season

In this section, we’ll be predicting the teams that are going to perform well this season. And, no, we are not saying anything by fluke. We have concluded this article by closely monitoring the pre-season and player acquisition of every squad.

Thus, if you are looking for the best betting picks from experts, this is the place for you to be. Anyway, let’s not chit-chat anymore and get started with our prediction.

The True Contenders For The NFL Crown!

The NFL, as a whole, hosts around 32 teams. Nevertheless, at this point, it feels like only four squads are going to be the “true contender” for the crown. Let’s keep reading.

1. Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills, in essence, have the best possible roster in the whole NFL. So, it’s almost impossible to look beyond them. Yes, we know what you’re thinking about. 

They didn’t get approved to the AFC Championship last year, right?

However, that happened due to a sheer of bad luck and suicidal defensive atrocities. Thus, as the team has added Von Miller this year, we can expect them to perform much better now.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As long as Tom Brady doesn’t show any sign of declining, you can’t write off the Buccaneers as a contender for the league. And, that’s not where it ends, though.

Recently, Tampa Bay has also acquired an excellent receiver in Russell Gage, who averaged 1.96 points/game. So, we’re pretty sure that he’s going to make an excellent impact this time.

3. Los Angeles Chargers.

True to their name, the Los Angeles Chargers have played quite aggressively during this great offseason. And, their star quarterback, Justin Herbert, had a ball in this period too.

In addition to that, the Chargers have recently added Khalil Mack at their forefront too. Thus, we can certainly expect them to score loads of points.

Also, having an excellent guard, like Zion Johnson, in the team should improve their defense a lot more than before. If the team is on song, they can potentially win everything this season.

4. Kansas City Chiefs.

Unfortunately, the Kansas City Chiefs lost their best and most potent weapon, Tyreek Hill, in the beginning. But, they have done well in acquisitioning the best in the business.

For example, they have already acquired Marquez Veldes-Scantling, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Skyy Moore. Besides, Patrick Mahome is going to be their quarterback again.

So, it’s quite a roaster they have in our opinion!

Could Be Great… Potentially!

The following teams are not going to break the board or anything this year. Nonetheless, they can be quite a dark horse this season. Let’s keep reading to know more about them.

1. Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers have the great Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. And, their overall roster is looking pretty good as well. So, why aren’t we considering them as contenders?

Well, that’s because they’ve lost Davante Adams this year.

He was quite a prominent presence for them last year. And, we’re pretty sure that two rookies (Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson). So, it’s safe to say that they might falter this year.

2. Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals were great last year. Heck, we would go ever far to say that they were more likely to win the Super Bowl in the 2021-22 season.

However, unfortunately, their defensive play and structure let them down big time. And, this issue is looking even likelier this season as well.

Nonetheless, the Bengals have always been known for their attacking proficiency. And, it has improved even more this year through different acquisitions.

So, we feel like they’ll certainly contend for the title this year. But, in our opinion, the team is not going to win anything, considering how everyone else has grown during the offseason.

3. Cleveland Browns.

Honestly, the Cleveland Browns have always been highly dependent on Deshaun Watson. So, as he’s currently entangled in a sexual assault acquisition, it’s hard to say how far the browns will fall this season. Nonetheless, they still have quite a lot of hope.


Well, the Cleveland Browns have the most balanced and well-directed team in the NFL. And, Baker Mayfield seems to be on song this year as well. So, it’ll go great for them, we think.

4. Baltimore Ravens.

Despite having the potential to grow enormously, the last season wasn’t a welcoming one for the Baltimore Ravens due to ravaging injuries. And, having a thin squad didn’t help either.

Unfortunately, they didn’t improve their team this year as well. However, if the roster is able to stay fit, they can easily get into the playoffs without any issue at all.

8 Teams Who Might Falter During This Season

Unlike the previous section, we’re going to talk about the teams that may fail during this NFL edition. So, if you are thinking about making a bet on them, it might be best for you to avoid these at any cost. We don’t think they’re going to win anything at all.

Might Get To The Playoffs.

The overall condition of these teams are quite worse than the ones we mentioned in the prior section. However, if they play well enough, they do have the potential to reach the playoffs of the NFL this season. So, let’s not make any further ado and take a look at them.

1. Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had an excellent offseason in our opinion. They’ve also hired A.J. Brown to improve their receiver position by a mile. And, the addition of Jordan Davis as well as DeVonta Smith has certainly helped them a lot too.

However, we don’t think their defense can hold up well against a better team to be honest. So, if we were you, we’d not make any bet on them at all.

2. Dallas Cowboys.

Unlike Philadelphia, Dallas has had a curious off season to say the least. They traded both Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper out as free agents. And, they also thought that they had acquired the service of Randy Gregory. However, it didn’t work out in the end.

Hence, we feel like the Dallas Cowboys have gotten a little worse than they were in the 21-22 season. However, they still have a great team and, thus, can dream of playing in the playoffs.

3. Indianapolis Colts.

There was a time when the Colts used to be considered as the best in the business. But, that’s not the case anymore. They’ve worsened quite a bit since 2012 and are still going through the same issue till now. Wait, let us provide you with a few examples.

For starters, the Carson Wentz experiment they did last year failed miserably. And, Matt Ryan has been declining at a high rate for quite some time. So, it’s not looking good for them at all.

4. Tennessee Titans.

The Tennessee Titans haven’t had a decent offseason for ages to be honest. But, this time, the team did make a move in the transfer market. And, it’s been quite an acquisition for them.

To begin with, they have gotten Robert Woods in their team and improved their core system a little more. However, to get him, they have had to sell A.J. Brown.

Now, the rookie player, Treyton Burks is under massive pressure to replace him and carry on the baton. So, we can’t really call them contenders for the time being.

Stuck In Tumultuous Limbo Of Nothingness.

In all fairness, these teams are not good enough at all. They’re stuck in a limbo, and it doesn’t feel like they’ll be getting out of it anytime soon. Hence, even if you are an avid supporter of them, we’d ask you not to have high hopes from them.

1. Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings have been going through a lot since the previous decade. And, it feels the same will continue for a while within their core system.

We mean, yes, the team has, indeed, acquired Kevin O’Connell during this offseason. But, we don’t really think that he can have a massive impact on the team.

As of now, the Vikings seem to be stuck in a limbo of narrow outcomes that they can’t get out of. And, given the circumstance the club is in right now, don’t expect anything from them.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers have been borderline excellent during the period when Ben Roethlisberger was with the squad. However, their downfall started when Big Ben started declining. And, now that he has retired in 2022, they’re literally sitting there without a proper quarterback.

We mean, yes, Kenny Pickett and Mitchell Trubisky are there for them. However, we are not too sure if they’re going to be as influential as Ben for the Steelers at all.

3. Detroit Lions.

Unlike everyone else talked about here, the Detroit Lions still have the potential to do bits and bobs in this year’s NFL. And, truth be told, their rebuild project is looking great too.

However, here’s the thing.

It’s been almost half-a-decade, and the team still hasn’t found a quality quarterback at all. We mean, they are not really interested in investing in this position for some reason.

And, that’s kind of suicidal.

However, the youngsters they have in their team do have quite a high potential. And, they did perform well last season too. But, it’s not enough to win a Super Bowl, TBH.

4. New York Jets.

The Jets have done an excellent job in building around the number 2 pick in the NFL. We feel like they can perform pretty well this season due to that as well.

However, the problem for the jets lie in their defense.

Yes, they have acquired the likes of Garrett Jones this year. However, we don’t think that will help them in going anywhere in the league at all.

They might perform better if they find someone to fill the void in their front line though. But, at this point, it seems unlikely for them to make it to the playoffs.

Bonus: The Dark Horses Of The League

In this section, we’ll talk about some teams who might not look great on paper, but can offer a lot of resilience. So, let’s not make any further ado and get started with it.

1. Los Angeles Rams.

The champions of last year, Los Angeles Rams are no pushover at all. Yes, they did lose more than one important player, like – Von Miller, Robert Woods, and so on.

However, we think adding someone like Bobby Wagner can help them quite a lot. In addition to that, Allen Robinson can strengthen their team to some extent too.

So, yes, we don’t think they’ll be the contenders to win the NFL this season. However, they’ll certainly be a force to be reckoned with if they play well.

2. Denver Broncos.

Since Peyton Manning left them in 2015, Denver Broncos have sorely missed a mesmerizing passer like him. But, it feels like they have found his replacement in Russel Wilson at last.

Now, all they need to do is craft an excellent attacking system so that they can get as much as possible from Wilson. Also, improving their defense a little can be beneficial as well.

So, Who’s Going To Win?

If we’re being honest, we think the Buffalo Bills are going to have an excellent season during this year. Aside from them, both Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers have the chance of making an impact here. But, that’s just us and our opinion.

Who do you think is going to smash this year’s NFL season? Don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comment section below!


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