Week 2 Mountain West Football In Five Words

Week 2 Mountain West Football In Five Words

Air Force

Week 2 Mountain West Football In Five Words


Week 2 Mountain West Football In Five Words

Let’s try something new

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Well… this could get awkward

We are always looking for some new and different ways to discuss Mountain West football. Yeah, the season is already a few weeks and now might be as good time as any to try something new.

Yeah… we should have done some preseason work to get these new features but sometimes an idea just hits ya so we go for it.

We will share this on social media as well to get your quick reaction of your Mountain West team in five words after each week. Sometimes, less is better.

I’ll go first for all 12 teams and we will add more as they come in. This might be lame or it might be awesome, so only one way to find out.

Air Force – Rank the damn Falcons, now!

Boise State – Better but not really great.

Colorado State – It could be worse: Addazio

Fresno State – When’s that big win coming?

Hawaii – Give Timmy Chang some time.

Nevada – Ken Wilson coaches defense, right?

New Mexico – There is some progress happening

San Diego State – Who cares it’s Idaho State

San Jose State – Nearly had an SEC upset

UNLV – Slot machine offense slows down

Utah State – Coach can’t criticize the fans.

Wyoming – Andrew Peasley can sort of throw

Fan Reaction

Fresno State






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