Week 1 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Week 1 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Air Force

Week 1 Mountain West Football Power Rankings


Advertisement12. Hawaii (LW: 12, 13 points)

It is going to be a long year for new head coach Timmy Chang and that is what we thought. His plan this week is to still split time with the4 two quarterbacks.

11. New Mexico (LW: 10, 32 points)

A drop is mostly due to playing an FCS team but they got the job done with a well-rounder performance over Maine. The difficult level this week goes up quite a bit as they take on Boise State.

Regardless of the result, the Lobos will look gooooood.

10. Colorado State (LW: 7, 38 points)

Honestly, not much to take away when playing a team well-inside the top 10 against Michigan. The one concern was the lack of production and by lack we mean nothing from wide receiver Dante Wright. That needs to change.

9. Wyoming (LW: 11, 43 points)

Hello Andrew Peasley. The turnaround from Game 1 to Game 2 was remarkable for the new quarterback

8. UNLV (LW: 9, 50 points)

Rebels were off but moved up a spot. They take on Cal this weekend in a game that could raise some eyebrows against a mediocre Pac-12 team.

7. San Jose State (LW: 6, 51 points)


Their opener against Portland State was not a good performance and nearly was a loss. The Spartans got the win and maybe they were not focused since this week they go to Auburn as a three-touchdown underdog.

6. San Diego State (LW: 3, 65 points)

The same old saying can be said for the quarterback and offensive play calling. Transfer QB Braxton Burmeister struggled and it was not all his fault, the young offensive line had him scrambling and ultimately on one such run he was taken down and then out with a shoulder issue.

Running back depth is there but not the production. They play Idaho State and that is a game to establish some things and get them right.

Boise State (LW: 4, 66 points)

Not much right in the first half for Boise State in its loss to Oregon State. This is another school that had quarterback, offensive line and running back issues.

Hank Bachmeier is a fifth-year starter but he didn’t look like it on the road at Reeser Stadium against the Beavers. In came Taylen Green and the offense moved a bit better.

The poor offensive line play hurt the ground attack that some felt would rebound now that RB George Holani was healthy. Sadly, it did not.

4. Utah State (LW: 5, 68 points)

Fifty-five to zero against Alabama says it all. Not much to take away from that, it would have been nice for a few points or drives on offense but it was an ugly game.

3. Nevada (LW: 8, 74 points)

Holy $#!T the Wolf Pack are getting some love this week after starting the year off 2-0 and defeating Texas State this past weekend in fairly easy fashion.

This ranking probably has a lot to do more with how other teams lost badly with Boise State, Utah State, and San Diego State falling and in mostly ugly fashion. Nevada fans don’t care, they are undefeated.

1. Fresno State (LW: 1, 4 first-place votes, 103 points)

A quality performance led to an easy win over FCS Cal Poly. More will be known this week as they host Oregon State.

1. Air Force (LW: 2, 5 first-place votes, 103 points)

Same with Fresno State, a good showing and a dominant win over a quality FCS team in Northern Iowa. Falcons host in-state for Colorado which should be a bit more challenging.


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