How can a high school student become a successful basketball player?

How can a high school student become a successful basketball player?

How can a high school student become a successful basketball player?


I was motivated to write this material by what I see now in children’s sports, namely the problems parents face. Therefore, I construct the article format as a quick guide for parents who have decided to make an athlete out of their favorite child.

Most parents, giving their child to a sports club, reason as follows: let him run, he likes it – and it’s good, the child has to spend his energy somewhere if only he didn’t sit at home in his gadgets. All these thoughts are logical, but parents miss the main point. When we send our child to a sports school, we form a new society around him – a coach, players, friends, a team. All this gradually enters a child’s life and becomes an integral part of it. He begins to form a competitive spirit, the desire to achieve results, perseverance, and hard work. Many people, without realizing it, easily destroy the basics of childhood education, thinking that all this entertainment, comparable to a trip to the mall. Children begin to feel responsible and involved, defending the honor – first the team, then the sports school, their city, and their country. 

Form a Goal

What do you and your child come to sports school for? To become a professional athlete, to make your child physically developed, to learn to play basketball like Dad, to spend your free time in a meaningful way. Everyone’s goals may be different, but your child needs to know what it is for or what it is for.

The first two years of practice will be fun, then the work begins. At first, most of the training will be in the form of games and competitions. Sports training is much like high school and basketball also has its curriculum-it that starts with 2+2=4 and goes all the way up to higher math. Very soon begins serious and sometimes hard work, both in terms of physical exertion, as well as mental and psychological. Therefore, the child must understand exactly what will be the reward for his work. Motivation can be material (medals, new sneakers, bicycle, etc.) and intangible (recognition of achievements, praise, a trip to the sea, a trip to the water park with friends, etc.). 

Because of constant training and competition, a student may not have enough time to study. Therefore, the question may arise, “Can I pay someone to write my paper to keep my grades up?” You can order any assignment from a professional writer at a trusted service. You don’t have to worry about your grade if you ask them for help.

Sport needs money

Prepare for the fact that over time, your sports budget will change in the direction of increasing costs. Equipment trips to competitions and training camps, injury treatment and sports nutrition, and many other costs will fall on your parents’ wallets.

Get ready for the competition

Competition is what awaits our children in the fight for a spot on the team. Many people, seeing the high level of skill in other players in their children, mistake this for their child’s lack of ability and talent. It is a mistake! Kids with great skills are different from beginners in large part because they have just been practicing longer. If your child doesn’t make the roster for a competition, that’s no reason to give up on the class. Work hard, train hard, work hard! This is the only way to get into the top 12. Team composition will change all the time, the strong will push out the weak. Ups and downs will be inevitable for everyone. Be proactive! Often, sports schools, at the initiative of parents, create a second team of reserve players, and children begin to fight to get into it. The main thing is that the competition should be healthy! 

Sports are bad for your health

This statement is true! But on one condition: if you do not take care of it, the child’s health. So be prepared for the fact that you will need knowledge in the field of sports medicine, physiology, anatomy of sports nutrition, and other near-sports sciences. No doctor from the clinic will tell you how to recover from workouts, what exercises are needed to strengthen the joints, how to reduce shock loads on the spine, etc. This does not mean that you need to become a medical luminary, but a minimum set of knowledge should. Fortunately, in our time there is the Internet and kind people. Well, and experts in the field, of course, there are, but their services will not be free. Once again make a cardiogram, and blood chemistry, and going to the orthopedist does not hurt. 

Sports will change your life

Prepare for the fact that over time you will have to give up many of your favorite activities and pastimes. All tournaments, competitions, and friendly games mostly take place on weekends. So eventually you’ll have to forget about kebabs, trips to the cottage, bathing, hunting, fishing, and more. In addition, there will be less time to study. Therefore, if you have difficulties, get help from the reddit essay writing service, where you will get expert assistance.

“Sorry! You’re no good for us!” Any parent can hear these words. And it is very difficult to hold back emotions and not go offended in such cases. It is important to understand the essence of these words, so be sure to ask the question: Why? What is the reason for the rejection? What to do in order not to get rejected by another sports school? Physical data, conflict behavior, violation of discipline, lack of interest – all these and many other factors can affect the coach’s decision. There is no need to take this as a verdict or a severe diagnosis. You can solve all of these problems. The child can be successful in another sport that is more suitable for a child. Each of the subjects of sports education – a parent, a coach, and a child – is a vector that has its direction. When these three vectors are parallel and move in one direction – this is the way to success. If these vectors become multidirectional, then we get a conflict of interest. This situation requires attention, an objective assessment, the search for compromises, and sometimes a change of subject. In my opinion, the key vector here should be the child, his health, his upbringing, and his future. If after reading this you still haven’t decided to give up on children’s sports, then let’s move on. 


Coaches mostly use two criteria to evaluate an athlete – professionalism and dedication. The term professionalism has many definitions. In our case, the following is appropriate: Professionalism is a high degree of preparedness to perform athletic training tasks. The professionalism of a sportsman is manifested in a systematic improvement of qualification, creative activity, and the constant formation of new skills. The second criterion is dedication. It is a quality of a personality, manifested in activity by the maximum application of efforts, knowledge, skills, and mental strength. I call it: Work to the max! It is a commitment that is the foundation upon which professionalism is built! Agree that you can score goals from the center of the field, but if a player does not fight for the ball, does not fight in defense, does not run to attack, does not fall for the ball in touch – what a penny is worth! And if you want your little athlete to be successful, the main thing that you and he must work on – is dedication! Without it, developing professional skills is a waste of time. Coaches often refer to dedication as a fighting spirit. And this quality should be brought up in a child, it will come in handy later in life when the children grow up and have to overcome the difficulties of life.



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