The memorable Thrilla in Manila

The memorable Thrilla in Manila

The memorable Thrilla in Manila


Incredible and thrilling rivalries can be seen in virtually all sports. Right now, to bet online use, which can also be used to wager on these great instances. When speaking about boxing, one of the most memorable events of its kind is the so-called Thrilla in Manila. This was another fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Both of them are among the best boxers ever, and they were going to face each other for the third and last time ever.

In Ali’s case, he was the champion of the following instances:

  • the WBA;
  • the WBC;
  • and The Ring.

In order to bet online on the best boxing events from the entire world, you can use the 1xBet website. Of course, Frazier also had an impressive curriculum of his own. For this reason, this promised to be an excellent event that would be remembered for years.

The fight begins

As the name of the event suggests, it took place in the metropolitan area of Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines. The date was the 1st of October 1975. The event attracted a huge audience in the USA, the Philippines, and the entire world as well. While waiting for other events like this one you can go to and explore its amazing games.


The match seemed to be quite even in the first rounds. However, slowly but surely, Ali started to show why he is seen by many as the best boxer in the history of the sport. By the 14th round, one of Frazier’s coaches saw that his fighter simply couldn’t handle Ali anymore. For this reason, he asked the referee to stop the fight. Of course, this meant that Muhammad Ali was the winner of the event. The 1xBet casino is another excellent place to visit while waiting for other memorable boxing events like this one.

A brutal event watched by millions.

Prior to the event, Ali seemed to have a slight advantage over Frazier. However, in their overall history, both of them were tied 1-1. For this reason, regardless of the winner, it was expected to be a close contest. Whenever other events of this kind are celebrated, you can bet live on 1xBet website, and see the excellent live wagering chances that are available.

The fight turned out to be quite a brutal one. Both Ali and Frazier took huge hits each. However, Ali managed to resist slightly more than his opponent. His resistance was enough to be the winner of the match.Another particularly impressive aspect of this contest was the number of followers that it had. In a time where there was neither Internet nor YouTube, it is estimated that more than a billion spectators from all over the world followed the event. This was done through satellite TV and even theaters. Punters can make a live bet on the 1xBet website on all these kinds of high-profile events.


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