Time For Craig Bohl To Stop The Claim He Knows Quarterbacks

Time For Craig Bohl To Stop The Claim He Knows Quarterbacks

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Time For Craig Bohl To Stop The Claim He Knows Quarterbacks


Time For Craig Bohl To Stop The Claim He Knows Quarterbacks

Same old story for Cowboy QB’s

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What will it take to find a signal-caller

Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl has actually and technically coached two quarterbacks who went in the top 10 of the NFL Draft. At North Dakota State he coached Carson Wentz during his career but it was the early years with the Bison.

The other is Josh Allen who is now considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and went No. 7 overall.

Well… since then the quarterback since Allen left wasn’t great. Also, if we are being honest, Allen was really good but not great during his time in Laramie. He was labeled with potential and it has paid off in the NFL.

Since Allen moved on in 2017, these are the Cowboys who have thrown a pass in a brown and gold uniform.

These are the names:

Only Smith finished his career at Wyoming but he had 136 career pass attempts and just two in the post-Allen era. Williams, Chambers, and Vander Wall all transferred out of the program.

To be fair, there was some injury issues with Chambers and Williams but the overall production was never there. The Wyoming passing offense was usually in the bottom third and its best passing stat was in the 2020 shortened year and that is when they were sixth in yards per attempt.

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This offseason Bohl and the Wyoming staff went bold and touted the coaching of Allen under his tenure to try to lure in transfer quarterbacks.

“The college football landscape is changing with the one-time transfer rule and NIL. Our staff anticipated this movement and have a clear vision to navigate these uncharted waters. After a successful early signing day, Cowboy Football will address the need to sign a quarterback via the transfer portal or junior college.

“We believe this is a great opportunity for a transfer quarterback to come in and make an impact on our program. We’ve seen that before when we brought in Josh Allen into the program, and we’re excited for the next chapter of Cowboy Football.”

The Cowboys were able to land Peasley from Utah State and he was named the starter. In the opener against Illinois, he was not the answer at all and was just 5 of 20 for 30 yards and an interception.

Peasley did have four rushes for 76 yards but that has been the norm the past few years with quarterbacks running more than passing.

This leads us to this meme about Bohl needing to move on from saying he coached Allen to a top-10 NFL Draft pick.

Bohl also decided to hire his offensive coordinator from Iowa during the 2021 offseason. He hired Tim Polasek who was the Hawkeyes offensive line coach to run the offense and coach the quarterbacks.

The Iowa offense is not exactly known to be QB central as they focus on being physical and running the ball, which is fine. However, Bohl is seemingly focused on being a clone of those beefy Big Ten teams and it has not worked.

At some point, coaches who are defensive guys need to let loose and higher an offensive-minded coach and let them run a system that can put up points and move the ball.

There is no way Wyoming fans can endure another season where their quarterback play is subpar where they struggle to pass above 50%.

Since Allen left the program, the team has completed over 50% of its passes as a team just one time, only three of the past four full seasons. Their best year was completing just 54.5% of its passes. Basically, it’s a not even a coin flips chance when a Cowboy player throws the ball it will be caught.

Yes, it’s early in the year but the signs are still there that this team does not have a quarterback and Wyoming fans can not be happy.



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