Week 0 Mountain West Football Scoreboard, Results, Highlights

Week 0 Mountain West Football Scoreboard, Results, Highlights


Week 0 Mountain West Football Scoreboard, Results, Highlights


Week 0 Mountain West Football Scoreboard, Picks, How To Watch

Get ready for a handful of games this week!

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Football is back!

Week 0 is here and a good number of games are Mountain West tilts with five games this Saturday.

For those that are new here. This piece will morph over the weekend. It serves as our staff pick posts with straight up and against the spread (when available), then we post highlights, scores, and link to our recaps of these games. So, check back often.

Let us know on Twitter @MWCWire about your picks for this opening week of college football.


All lines are as of 8/21/22

Idaho State at UNLV: Rebels win 52-21

Yes, it’s the Bengals but the Rebels haven’t had a win like this in years and it is a great motivational boost for their next game against Cal on Sept. 10.

Of course, they bust out the turnover slot machine.

Condensded game for a fun rewatch.

Jeremy: SU: UNLV

Brandon Blake: UNLV

Andrew: UNLV

Michael: UNLV

Josh F: UNLV

Erik: UNLV

Tomari: UNLV

Roger: UNLV


Scott: UNLV

Phil: UNLV

UConn at Utah State: Aggies win 31-20

Yikes, this team got off to a slow start — a little similar to last year — but good teams get the W and that is what Utah State did. About half of our staff were bold and took UConn to cover and it paid off.

Here is the condensed game, ICYMI.

Quicker highlights.

Jeremy: SU: Utah State | ATS: Utah State

Brandon Blake: SU: Utah State | ATS: Utah State

Andrew: SU: Utah State | ATS: UConn

Michael: SU: Utah State | ATS: UCONN

Josh F: SU: Utah State | ATS: UConn

Erik: SU: Utah State | ATS: UCONN

Tomari: SU: Utah State | ATS: Utah State

Roger: SU: Utah State | ATS: Utah State

Tj: SU: Utah State | ATS: Uconn

Scott: SU: Utah State | ATS: Uconn

Phil: SU: Utah St | ATS: UConn

Wyoming at Illinois (-10): Illini win 38-6

Yikes… Wyoming’s offense is once again stuck in reverse. Maybe the Illinois defense is that good but this offensive result doesn’t bode well for the Cowboys offense or quarterback situation.

If you want to suffer or want to squint for some hope here is the condensded game.

It was a mixed bag for picking ATS, but the majority got he outright win.

Jeremy: SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Brandon Blake: SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Andrew: SU: Wyoming | ATS: Wyoming

Michael: SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Josh F: SU: Illinois | ATS: Illinois

Erik: SU: Illinois | ATS: Illinois

Tomari SU: Illinois | ATS: Illinois

Roger:  SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Tj: SU: Illinois | ATS: Illinois 

Scott: SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Phil: SU: Illinois | ATS: Wyoming

Nevada at New Mexico State (+9): Wolf Pack win 23-12

Nevada barely cover this game and our staff did a great job of picking the winner with only two taking the loss on the spread.

Here are the really condendesed highlights:

Jeremy: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Brandon Blake: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Andrew: SU: Nevada | ATS: New Mexico State

Michael: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Josh F: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Erik: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Tomari: SU Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Roger Jeremy: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Tj: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Scott: SU: Nevada | ATS: NMSU

Phil: SU: Nevada | ATS: Nevada

Vanderbilt at Hawaii (+6.5): Commodores win 63-10 

This did not go as planned at all for Hawaii and maybe, just maybe, that weirdo who gave Vanderbilt a first-place vote to win the SEC might be onto something.

Jeremy: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Hawaii

Brandon Blake: SU: Hawaii  | ATS: Hawaii

Andrew: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Hawaii

Michael: SU: Hawaii | ATS: Hawaii

Josh F: SU: Hawaii | ATS: Hawaii

Erik: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Vanderbilt

Tomari: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Hawaii

Roger: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Hawaii

Tj: SU: Hawaii | ATS: Vanderbilt

Scott: SU: Hawaii | ATS: Hawaii

Phil: SU: Vanderbilt | ATS: Vanderbilt




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