7 Tips to Purchase a Perfect Pair of Skates

7 Tips to Purchase a Perfect Pair of Skates

7 Tips to Purchase a Perfect Pair of Skates


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen people skating in the field or at a local skate park and contemplated taking up this enjoyable sport that also gives you the chance to have good exercise now and again.

Skating is one of the most enjoyable and health-promoting sports you can engage in. It’s also a terrific opportunity to spend time with your family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. However, the kind of enjoyment you have will be primarily determined by the skates you purchase. With so many possibilities available today, it might be challenging to choose, mainly if you are unfamiliar with the activity.

If you purchase the wrong kind, they may not function as effectively, wear quickly, or provide the required comfort. So, whether this is your first-time buying skates for a loved one or yourself, selecting the appropriate skates may be daunting, and the sheer number of possibilities available can be overwhelming.

So, in this article, let’s go through seven tips to help you choose the perfect pair of skates.

1.   Which Skate Do You Prefer, Inline or Squad?

Inline skates feature a single straight line of wheels. This makes them simpler to control, making them ideal for field skating or roller hockey when you need to maneuver around potholes swiftly.

If you want to feel like you’re skating on ice, or if you want to go large distances, inline skates might be the best option for you!

Quad skates feature wheels that are two-by-two in an arrangement. As a result, they are more stable and hence ideal for newbies.

Quad skates are ideal if you want to dance on your skates (creative or jam styles) or participate in roller derby. You may also love them in the skatepark if you have the protective gear.

The position of the brake is another distinction between quad and inline skates. The brake on an inline skate is positioned near the heel of one boot. The “toe stop” on quad skates is connected to the plate, which is positioned beneath the toes of both boots.

Have you made your decision on inline skates? Great! Choose the best online skate store for adults or kids.

If you’ve settled on quad skates, you’ll need to decide whether you want to skate mostly outdoors or indoors.

2.   Outdoor or Indoor Skates

What is it that distinguishes an inside skate from an outside skate? The wheels! Indoor wheels are tougher (have less traction) and may glide smoothly on skate floors or derby courses. Outdoor wheels are softer (have greater grip), absorbing more stress when they move over outdoor trash or rough surfaces.

Moreover, some wheels are multi-purpose or outdoor/indoor. This indicates a hardness level between regular indoor and standard outdoor wheel hardness. All-purpose wheels are frequently included with children’s skates. Serious skaters like to switch wheels while transitioning from indoor to outside skating for the greatest results.

3.   Low-Top or High-Top Style Boot

Low-top skates, which are highly popular in roller derbies, are now marketed. However, there is no discernible difference between the two types. High-top boots are often seen on artistic and rhythm skates. However, the main distinction is appearance. If you want to achieve a retro style, wear high-tops. Low-tops provide a more inconspicuous appearance and a more comfortable feel.

4.   The Right Fit

Skate shop fits take time, and stock changes often, so go in after you’ve completed your research. The best fit for most individuals is tight but comfortable, although this might vary since everyone is different.

New skaters often choose a softer, more cushioned, and loose-fitting skate, but more expert skaters prefer something basic and extremely tight.

Only you know how a skate feels on your foot, so give importance to the fit while trying skates and select what works best for you.

Furthermore, if the width of one type doesn’t work, you may need to choose another brand that better fits the shape and width of your foot. Remember that skates soften as they break in, so if they are a bit tight, this provides for any break-in. As you acquire experience, your desired fit as a skater will also evolve.

5.   Hard-boot vs. Soft-boot

Regarding the silhouette of the boots, the stiffness must also be considered. Hard boots act quite differently than soft boots and serve distinct purposes.

Hard boots are the finest choice for long-distance riding. If you want to cycle long distances, a sturdy boot will provide the necessary support. Another advantage of hard boots is that you may replace the lining as it wears out.

Soft boots are superior for precise skating. These are the perfect choice if you desire to be capable of weaving in and out of traffic on the skate park or performing some dancing. Another advantage of soft boots is that they are comfier, have more excellent ventilation, and weigh less than stiff boots.

6.   Bearings

Bearings are essential when skating because they allow for a smooth wheel rolling, keeping your wheels from wearing out due to friction or corrosion. It is preferable to choose more expensive ceramic ones since they endure longer.

Moreover, clean and lubricate them regularly to maintain them in good shape. Please choose serviceable bearings with detachable shields over non-detachable ones.

7.   Safety Gear

When it comes to skating, the issue isn’t if you’ll fall; it’s when you’ll fall. This is why it’s critical to invest in safety gear that will keep you safe when you slide and stumble at first. You’ll probably find getting into your new activity easier if you dress in complete protective gear. You’ll be terrified to crash if you know you’re fully protected, whether you’re skating backward or forward.

To skate at your best, you must have your:

  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow pads
  • Helmet
  • Knee pads

You’re nearly there now that you’ve decided whether you want a quad or an inline skate, an outdoor or an indoor skate, and a high-top or a low-top style boot. If you get the best roller skates for your interests, ensure that you adhere to these few tips. These will guarantee that you have a comfortable and pleasant ride as well as optimum performance.



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