How to Bet on American Football?

How to Bet on American Football?

How to Bet on American Football?


American football is among the most popular sports in the US and Canada. Gambling enthusiasts often place bets on this particular discipline to earn a few dollars. There are several ways to bet on American football. The easiest option is to visit the Yukon Gold Casino Canada site or any other Canadian online casino. Bookmakers also accept bets. The main advantage of online sites with gambling entertainment is that you can immediately explore all available sporting events. And among them, choose the option that interests you the most.

American football has become so popular that tournaments have also been held in London in the past few years. Below we will talk about how to place bets in this discipline correctly. The most common betting option is with a difference in points.

Basic Rules of American Football

The classic battle between two teams is typical of American football. The goal of each team is to score more points than the opponent.

Points are awarded in two cases:

  1. The ball is passed in the end zone. This moment is called a touchdown and brings the team six points at once.
  2. The ball is shot through the goal post. For each penetration, you can earn one additional point.

American football has the most simple rules. The team with the ball must break through the opponents on the field. The team gets 4 tries. She must move the ball at least once 10 yards during this time. If attempts are unsuccessful, the ball is passed to the other team. A new series of attempts begin.

Each team has two roles. While in possession of the ball, they take the position of “attackers.” Otherwise, the athletes defend their goal and do not allow the opponents to break through.

An American football game lasts 4 quarters of 15 minutes. If the teams scored the same number of points during this time, overtime starts. The victory is given to the team that first scores the ball to the opponent during extra time.

American football betting features

You can bet not only on the professional teams of the National Football League. In America, bets are also accepted on student teams. The biggest NFL games take place every fall and winter.

A common mistake is to bet on American football without knowing the odds. It is essential to initially study the main types of bets and understand how to read and decipher them.

There are three types of the most famous American football bets:

  • Money line;
  • Bets on fractional odds;
  • Bets on decimal odds.

Money Line

It is the simplest type of betting for NFL games. The better needs to choose a team or player to win. The casino or bookmaker will pay you a respectable amount if the winner is selected correctly. The complete absence of scattering characterizes this type of betting. Difficulties arise for bettors when they try to understand the size of the winnings. The calculation is always carried out according to different schedules.

A bet on your favorite player or team in American football is displayed with a “-” sign. To the opposite team with a “+” sign, respectively. The odds on both bets are paid out. The payouts for bets with a “+” sign will always be higher than for the opposite option.

Fractional Odds

Such a betting system is often used in Britain. A hyphen or a slash denotes coefficients. Bets can be in the format “6/1”. This indicator means a casino client can win 6 pounds from every 1 pound wagered. In this case, the initial bet is also returned for the better. As a result, with a coefficient of “6/1”, the better, if the bet is played, will receive a win of 7 pounds.

Let’s say you bet on a specific outcome in the format “6/1”. The initial bet was £10. If the gamble turned out to be winning, the casino will pay you 60 pounds of winnings and also return 10 coins wagered.

Decimal Odds

It is a standard betting option in Europe. It is much easier to work with and understand. When you look at the odds, you will immediately determine which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. The decimal number in the odds shows how much the bettor can win for each £1 wagered. Keep in mind that this refers to total income, not net income. The rate is already included in the decimal. This approach greatly simplifies calculating the amount that is due from a fastest payout casinos or bookmaker.

What other types of American football bets exist

NFL fans prefer to bet on the outcome of a particular match or a player. The first option is the easiest – you need to predict who will win the game. Draw American football ends very rarely. After the end of standard time, overtime begins. The game will continue until one of the teams scores a goal.

The chances of overtime and a draw are minimal. Therefore, most bettors prefer to bet on the outcome with overtime included. Another popular type of betting is the handicap. Such bets are made in rugby and American football due to the opportunity to score many points during the competition. Sometimes teams finish the game with a difference of 30 or even 40 points. A bet with a handicap allows you to even the odds.

Let’s assume that the Atlanta and Sand Diego teams will converge on the field. According to experts, San Diego has a 5.0 chance of winning, and Atlanta has a 1.3 chance of winning. You can even the odds by playing the handicap and betting 10.5 points for San Diego to win. This step will reduce the risk of losing money. A loss will be counted only if Atlanta, following the results of the match, manages to get ahead of the team from San Diego by 10.5 points or more.

Betting in the over/under format is also popular. Gambling is also possible because the game allows you to score many points. Better does not bet on a specific account. Instead, it determines whether the team will score over or under the set limit.

Recently, the popularity of betting on a specific player has increased. There are a large number of subcategories in this type of betting. The most common is the touchdown bet. They put betters on the quarterback or the receiver. If a particular player scored a touchdown during the game, the bet is considered to have won.


American football is a popular sport in America and Canada. Gradually, they begin to play it in other countries of the world. If you are fond of this discipline, there are chances to get additional funds from sports betting. The main thing is to carefully read the rules of the game and the features of the bets before placing a bet.


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