Why blackjack is the most loved game

Why blackjack is the most loved game

Why blackjack is the most loved game


Almost 70% of gamblers love one game in particular, Blackjack. You play against the dealer, and the one who gets closest to 21 without going over, is the winner. So, you receive a card from the dealer and the dealer also takes a card. You then choose to either hit (draw another card) or stand (no additional cards). You do this till you think you are close enough to 21 without hitting or getting above 21. Otherwise, you could become what they call “gone bust”.


As this is against the dealer and not other players, it can be more enjoyable for people that prefer playing directly with a dealer. Playing in a big group can be intimidating and uncomfortable.

It does require some skill


With that said, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn blackjack. Learning and mastering blackjack is rather easy compared to other card games. But there is still quite a level of skill involved in the end. The best move you can make before you play Blackjack is learn about it and learn to play the basics. You can learn to play blackjack at campus online.

It’s a great way for you to be more confident at the table the next time.

Comfort and laid back

With a game like blackjack you can perfectly lay back and relax and just act and bet based on what your cards are. No hard number crunching or trying to figure out if people are bluffing or not. Just you and your cards. It’s way more relaxing and a laid back experience than something like Poker.

Also because you are playing blackjack against the dealer and not other people, you can sit down next to a friend and play against the dealer together. When you are playing poker with a friend or friends it’s more difficult.

Blackjack is maths

If you are bright with numbers you’ll have a good time playing because only a certain number of cards are in the deck, so if you are good enough at maths you can almost predict which card will be drawn from the dealer, since you would count and see which ones are already on the table.

In the end, the most important thing is to relax and have fun, not number crunching all the time, although that can also be fun. It’s almost like you are predicting the future, which is a unique feeling.


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