Timmy Chang's First Mountain West Media Day

Timmy Chang's First Mountain West Media Day


Timmy Chang's First Mountain West Media Day


Timmy Chang‘s first Mountain West Media Day

The new University of Hawaii head football coach touched on a number of topics at media day

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Chang ready to get the season rolling

“Now it’s go time.”

Words from Timmy Chang’s first Mountain West Media Day signal one thing: the 2022 college football season is nearly here. The newly hired University of Hawaii head football coach answered a litany of questions about his program including the new Aloha Stadium, recruiting challenges and his own growth. Here’s what Chang had to say:

Chang on being Hawaii’s head coach

“It’s unbelievable. You know, never thought I would be here sitting in this position. As an 18-year-old, I made the decision to stay home and play and represent the state of Hawaii and 22 years later, I’m here as the head coach. It’s a surreal moment for me but very thankful, very grateful.”

Chang on Hawaii being picked sixth in the West Division

“Yeah, you know, expected—right. When you lose as much production as we did to the transfer portal or graduation—you know—so we got a lot of inexperience or guys that haven’t proven themselves on the football field yet. But, that’s why you play, you know. I’m the same way right—we just talked about us being, you know, first timers here and so the only way we’re going to get experiences is going through this process together. No different for these guys. We got guys in that locker room that we think that can play now. It’s just getting their minds right, understanding game plan, understanding situations and then putting them in the best situation to succeed.”

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Chang on the new Aloha Stadium District budget being approved

“Yeah, it does (feel good). It does and knowing that you’re going to have something to play in—in the future—and something to sell to these recruits, sell to these families and sell to our state. Not only is the University of Hawaii football team going to be able to play in there, but we’re going to hold events that, you know, that we’re going to be proud of. I know other sports want to hold events—Max (Holloway) keeps asking for the UFC to come down—what a better place to play it in our new brand new stadium. Hopefully one day the Pro Bowl can come back. We want all of our state to enjoy that stadium, not just the University of Hawaii football team but that it’s there for everybody. Again, we’re all in this together. I tell those guys, man when you make a block when you make a tackle and you’re catching that ball man, when your throwing it, you know you’re doing it for the state, you’re doing it not only for the guys in the locker room, but for this community and for this state.”

Chang on recruiting to the on-campus Ching Field

“You know, I’m really excited and this is why I’m really excited: Because for the first time, you know, it’s on our campus and we have one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. And, you know, just getting the university and having the buy-in from the president—you know—from the special people that are above my paygrade. And these people are—you know—talking to them and telling them, ‘Hey, we have an opportunity to do this, can we do this? Can we do that?’ It’s special, because it’s the first time we’re on our campus and we have so many beautiful athletic facilities on campus and a beautiful upper campus that we can still get some of those things. We can get the family environment that we want during those games, you know, we’re still pushing the concerts and the entertainment before and just creating some different things that people can just spend a whole day watching and being around the campus and then watching our football game. Tickets will be hard to come by that no doubt. No doubt. It is what it is this year.”

Chang on his own growth since being named head coach

“Oh, I mean it’s hard to talk about yourself and grade yourself. But—you know—every day is a different challenge and a lot of problems need to be solved. As much as I can solve them in a 24 hour period, I’ll wake up and do it again the next 24 hours and there’ll be new challenges, there’ll be something else that comes up. But you know, the game is still the same, it’s played with 11 guys—its’ played with a locker room full of guys that need to care about each other.”

Chang on his first media day

“Now it’s go time, you got your team waiting for you back home and you have to get them ready to play August 27.”

The Rainbow Warriors will welcome Vanderbilt to the island to open the season later next month.


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