Pac-12 Losing UCLA, USC To Big Ten

Pac-12 Losing UCLA, USC To Big Ten

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Pac-12 Losing UCLA, USC To Big Ten


Pac-12 Losing UCLA, USC To Big Ten

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Is the Pac-12 dead?

A college football offseason is never complete until there is something revolving around realignment. A bombshell that happened to day is that USC and UCLA are leaving for the Big Ten, which was reported first by Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

This is going to have ripple effects within college football and there are reports that moves are not done as the Big Ten may add more teams, and the Big 12 might be attempting to snag leftover Pac-12 teams.


This move is much bigger than Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for the SEC because the Pac-12 does not have many more teams to add that are worth anything near either the Trojans or Bruins.

Even the best of the Mountain West won’t be able to hold up in terms of monetary value. Plus, the Pac-12 might just be dead if a few more teams go to the Big Ten and if the Big 12 gets involved.

College football is not just moving to just a few power leagues but possibly even an NFL model for these extremely large conferences that reportedly could see 20 teams or more.

This move might actually not impact the Mountain West, at least on a membership level as this move has the upper end of college football looking to climb even higher. So, teams in a non-power league are not getting a call up but more along the lines of shuffling.

Mountain West Wire will have more about this and what it could mean for membership of teams within this league because no one should count out the Pac-12 wanting to stay alive with its name, even if it means taking a few Mountain West teams.



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