2022 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

2022 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Air Force

2022 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker


 2022 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

The NFL Draft is over, but plenty of Mountain West players will find their way to the pros as free agents.

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What teams have signed Mountain West players after the draft?

The 2022 NFL Draft is officially in the books, but those 262 players who were selected are not the only ones who will get a shot at the next level. Many more undrafted free agents will get signed and have a chance to make a 53-man roster over the summer and into the fall.

This list will be updated as Mountain West athletes are signed.

Mountain West Football: 2022 NFL Draft Central

Air Force

Tre Bugg, CB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Chicago Bears [Twitter/Draft Guy Jimmy]

Brandon Lewis, WR [Brief Writeup] — to Tennessee Titans [Twitter/Air Force Football]

Lakota Wills, LB [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from New Orleans Saints [Twitter/Air Force Football]

Boise State

Daniel Cantrell, LS [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invites from Seattle Seahawks and Las Vegas Raiders [Twitter/Jay Tust]

Cyrus Habibi-Likio, RB [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from San Francisco 49ers [Twitter/Boise State Football]

Kekaula Kaniho, DB [Brief Writeup] — to Arizona Cardinals [Twitter/Jay Tust]

Jake Stetz, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invites from Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos [Twitter/Jay Tust]

Colorado State

Cameron Butler, TE [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from New York Giants [Twitter/Colorado State Football]

Manny Jones, DL [Brief Writeup] — to Arizona Cardinals [Twitter/Colorado State Football]

Scott Patchan, DE [Draft Profile] — to Indianapolis Colts [Twitter/Colorado State Football]

Ross Reiter, LS [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Kansas City Chiefs [Twitter/Colorado State Football]

Ryan Stonehouse, P [Draft Profile] — to Tennessee Titans [Twitter/Chris Tomasson]

Fresno State

Kevin Atkins, DL [Brief Writeup] — to San Francisco 49ers [Twitter/Kevin Atkins]

Arron Mosby, LB [Draft Profile] — to Carolina Panthers [Twitter/Arron Mosby]

Ronnie Rivers, RB [Draft Profile] — to Arizona Cardinals [Twitter/Ronnie Rivers]

Keric Wheatfall, WR [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Philadelphia Eagles [Twitter/Fresno State Football]


Cortez Davis, CB [Draft Profile] — to Denver Broncos [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Eugene Ford, DB [Brief Writeup] — to Jacksonville Jaguars [Twitter/Stephen Tsai]

Gene Pryor, OL [Brief Writeup] — to Kansas City Chiefs [Twitter/Herbie Teope]

Calvin Turner Jr. [Draft Profile] — minicamp invites from Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers [Twitter/Rob DeMello]


Sam Hammond, DL [Draft Profile] — minicamp invites from Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks [Twitter/Darian Yahyavi]

Tristan Nichols, DL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Atlanta FalconsIndianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, and New York Giants [Twitter/Robert Collias]

Carson Strong, QB [Draft Profile] — to Philadelphia Eagles [Twitter/Kirsten  Moran]

New Mexico

Joey Noble, DL [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from New Orleans Saints [Twitter/NFL Draft Diamonds]

Terry Wilson, QB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Dallas Cowboys [Twitter/Josh Escovedo]

San Diego State

Greg Bell, RB [Draft Profile] — to Detroit Lions [Twitter/Matt Zemitz]

William Dunkle, OL [Draft Profile] — to Philadelphia Eagles [Twitter/San Diego State Football]

Tayler Hawkins, CB [Draft Profile] — to San Francisco 49ers [Twitter/San Diego State Football]

Segun Olubi, LB [Brief Writeup] — to San Francisco 49ers [Twitter/Tom Pellisero]

Trenton Thompson, DB [Draft Profile] — to New York Giants [Twitter/San Diego State Football]

San Jose State

Derrick Deese Jr., TE [Draft Profile] — to Detroit Lions [Twitter/San Jose State Football]

Jay Lenard, DB [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Buffalo Bills [Twitter/NFL Draft Diamonds]

Jack Snyder, OL [Draft Profile] — to Los Angeles Rams [Twitter/San Jose State Football]

Nick Starkel, QB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from New York Jets [Twitter/San Jose State Football]


Clayton Bradley, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Denver Broncos [Twitter/NFL Draft Diamonds]

Charles Williams, RB [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Pittsburgh Steelers [Twitter/Joe Arrigo]

Utah State

Jaylin Bannerman, DL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from New York Giants [Twitter/Porter Larsen]

Brandon Bowling, WR [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Chicago Bears [Twitter/Utah State Football]

Nick Heninger, DL [Draft Profile] — minicamp invite from Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Twitter/Utah State Football]

Savon Scarver, WR [Draft Profile] — to Chicago Bears [Twitter/Aaron Wilson]

Carson Terrell, TE [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Green Bay Packers [Twitter/Porter Larsen]

Deven Thompkins, WR [Draft Profile] — to Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Twitter/Utah State Football]

Derek Wright, WR [Brief Writeup] — to Carolina Panthers [Twitter/Utah State Football]


Garrett Crall, DL [Brief Writeup] — to Miami Dolphins [Twitter/Wyoming Football]

Keegan Cryder, C [Draft Profile] — to Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Twitter/Wyoming Football]

Logan Harris, OL [Brief Writeup] — minicamp invite from Detroit Lions [7220 Sports]


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