2022 NFL Draft: Day 3, How To Watch, Best Available Players

2022 NFL Draft: Day 3, How To Watch, Best Available Players

Mountain West Football

2022 NFL Draft: Day 3, How To Watch, Best Available Players


2022 NFL Draft: Day 3, How To Watch, Best Available Players

How many Mountain West players will get picked on the draft’s final day? Here’s how to tune in and find out.

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Three rounds down, four to go.

The second and third rounds of this year’s NFL Draft finally saw a few Mountain West players have their moments in the spotlight. Colorado State tight end Trey McBride and San Diego State defensive end Cameron Thomas are now teammates with the Arizona Cardinals while Wyoming linebacker Chad Muma heads to Jacksonville, so the only question left is who will be selected on the event’s third and final day.

Saturday encompasses the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds and begins bright and early. If you’re rolling out of bed to learn about new destinations for Boise State’s Khalil Shakir, Nevada’s Carson Strong, and more, chances are that may be figured out pretty quickly.

Mountain West Football: 2022 NFL Draft Central

Date: Saturday, April 30 (Rounds 4 through 7)

Start time: 9:00 AM PT/10:00 AM MT

TV channels: ESPN | NFL Network

Live streamESPNESPN+ and NFL apps | fuboTV

Best Available From Mountain West via Draft Wire’s top 300:

93. Khalil Shakir | WR | Boise State

118. Romeo Doubs | WR | Nevada

139. Carson Strong | QB | Nevada

158. Cole Turner | TE | Nevada

161. Daniel Bellinger | TE | San Diego State

187. William Dunkle | OL | San Diego State

234. Tayler Hawkins | CB | San Diego State

280. Cade Hall | EDGE | San Jose State

289. Keegan Cryder | OL | Wyoming

Draft Order:

Round 4

106) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville)
107) Houston Texans (from Seattle, via Cleveland)
108) Cleveland Browns (from Houston)
109) Seattle Seahawks (from New York Jets)
110) Baltimore Ravens (from New York Giants)
111) New York Jets (from Carolina)
112) New York Giants (from Chicago)
113) Washington Commanders
114) New York Giants (from Atlanta)
115) Denver Broncos
116) Denver Broncos (from Seattle)
117) New York Jets (from Minnesota)
118) Cleveland Browns
119) Baltimore Ravens
120) Washington Commanders (from New Orleans)
121) New England Patriots (from Miami, via Kansas City)
122) Minnesota Vikings (from Indianapolis)
123) Los Angeles Chargers
124) Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia, via Houston)
125) Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh)
126) Las Vegas Raiders
127) New England Patriots
128) Baltimore Ravens (from Arizona)
129) Dallas Cowboys
130) Baltimore Ravens (from Buffalo)
131) Tennessee Titans
132) Green Bay Packers
133) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
134) San Francisco 49ers
135) Kansas City Chiefs
136) Cincinnati Bengals
137) New England Patriots (from LA Rams, via Houston and Carolina)
138) Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory)
139) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory)
140) Green Bay Packers (compensatory)
141) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory)
142) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory)
143) Tennessee Titans (compensatory)

Round 5

144) Carolina Panthers (from Jacksonville)
145) Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit via Denver)
146) New York Giants (from New York Jets)
147) New York Giants
148) Chicago Bears (from Houston)
149) Carolina Panthers
150) Chicago Bears
151) Atlanta Falcons
152) Denver Broncos
153) Seattle Seahawks
154) Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington)
155) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland)
156) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore)
157) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota)
158) Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami via New England)
159) Indianapolis Colts
160) Los Angeles Chargers
161) New Orleans Saints
162) Denver Broncos (from Philadelphia via Houston)
163) Tennessee Titans (from Pittsburgh via New York Jets)
164) Las Vegas Raiders (from New England)
165) Las Vegas Raiders
166) Houston Texans (from Arizona via Philadelphia)
167) Dallas Cowboys
168) Buffalo Bills
169) Las Vegas Raiders (from Tennessee)
170) Houston Texans (from Tampa Bay via New England)
171) Green Bay Packers
172) San Francisco 49ers
173) New York Giants (from Kansas City via Baltimore)
174) Cincinnati Bengals
175) Los Angeles Rams
176) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory)
177) Detroit Lions (compensatory)
178) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory)
179) Denver Broncos (compensatory via Indianapolis)

Round 6

180) Buffalo Bills (from Jacksonville via Tampa Bay)
181) Detroit Lions
182) New York Giants
183) New England Patriots (from Houston)
184) Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets)
185) Buffalo Bills (from Carolina)
186) Chicago Bears
187) San Francisco 49ers (from Denver)
188) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle)
189) Washington Commanders
190) Atlanta Falcons
191) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore via Kansas City)
192) Indianapolis Colts (from Minnesota)
193) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland)
194) New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis via Philadelphia)
195) Los Angeles Chargers
196) Baltimore Ravens (from Miami)
197) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia)
198) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Pittsburgh)
199) Carolina Panthers (from Las Vegas)
200) New England Patriots
201) Arizona Cardinals
202) Cleveland Browns (from Dallas)
203) Buffalo Bills
204) Tennessee Titans
205) Houston Texans (from Green Bay)
206) Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers via New York Jets and Philadelphia)
207) Houston Texans (from San Francisco via New York Jets)
208) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Kansas City)
209) Buffalo Bills (from Cincinnati)
210) New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)
211) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory)
212) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory)
213) Atlanta Falcons (compensatory)
214) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory)
215) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory)
216) Indianapolis Colts (compensatory)
217) Detroit Lions (compensatory)
218) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory)
219) Tennessee Titans (compensatory)
220) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory)
221) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory)

Round 7

222) Jacksonville Jaguars
223) Cleveland Browns (from Detroit)
224) Miami Dolphins (from Houston via New England and Baltimore)
225) Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets)
226) Cincinnati Bengals (from New York Giants)
227) Las Vegas Raiders (from Carolina)
228) Green Bay Packers (from Chicago via Houston)
229) Seattle Seahawks
230) Washington Commanders
231) Buffalo Bills (from Atlanta)
232) Denver Broncos
233) Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota)
234) Denver Broncos (from Cleveland via Detroit)
235) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore)
236) Los Angeles Chargers
237) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)
238) Los Angeles Rams (from Miami)
239) Indianapolis Colts
240) Washington Commanders (from Philadelphia via Indianapolis)
241) Pittsburgh Steelers
242) Carolina Panthers (from New England via Miami)
243) Kansas City Chiefs (from Las Vegas via New England)
244) Arizona Cardinals
245) New England Patriots (from Dallas via Houston)
246) Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo)
247) Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee)
248) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
249) Green Bay Packers
250) Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco via Denver)
251) Kansas City Chiefs
252) Cincinnati Bengals
253) Los Angeles Rams
254) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory)
255) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory)
256) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory)
257) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory)
258) Green Bay Packers (compensatory)
259) Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory)
260) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory)
261) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory)
262) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory)



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