PODCAST: MarchXness Is Back!!!

PODCAST: MarchXness Is Back!!!

PODCAST: MarchXness Is Back!!!

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PODCAST: MarchXness Is Back!!!

A music episode!

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Off topic time.

Jeremy and Matt are back and they include our Nevada writer Brandon Blake to go over Marchxness.com this year. The songs that were chosen for this year were cover songs and the trio go over their bracket to discuss their own criteria about what they liked and didn’t like.

This is our fun once a year podcast where we ditch sports and talk something else. We do sneak in a little Nevada and NFL Draft talk with where a few Wolf Pack players could be going.

You can find the Mountain West Wire podcast below or subscribe to the show via Stitcher RadioTuneInSpotifyiTunes, and more. Listen in, subscribe and rate it and let us know what you think!




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