College Basketball Rankings: Mountain West Knocked Out

College Basketball Rankings: Mountain West Knocked Out

Boise State

College Basketball Rankings: Mountain West Knocked Out


College Basketball Rankings: Mountain West Knocked Out

Lasted just a single week.

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No teams ranked, again

The Mountain West Conference is getting eerily close to another team cracking the Associated Press Top 25. 

Wyoming got in, but then lost to New Mexico and dropped out. However, a few teams are getting close and four programs earned votes this week. 

Here is the latest AP Top 25

  1. Gonzaga 
  2. Arizona 
  3. Auburn 
  4. Purdue 
  5. Kansas 
  6. Kentucky 
  7. Duke 
  8. Villanova 
  9. Texas Tech 
  10. Baylor 
  11. Providence 
  12. UCLA 
  13. Wisconsin 
  14. Houston 
  15. Illinois 
  16. USC 
  17. Tennessee 
  18. Arkansas 
  19. Murray State 
  20. Texas 
  21. UCONN 
  22. Ohio State 
  23. Saint Mary’s 
  24. Alabama 
  25. Iowa 

Others Receiving Votes: Michigan State 58, Rutgers 35, Wyoming 24, Boise State 22, Davidson 19, San Diego State 14, South Dakota State 13, LSU 13, Marquette 12, Wake Forest 11, Colorado State 10, Belmont 5, Notre Dame 4, SMU 3, Xavier 2, North Texas 2, Creighton 1, Vermont 1, Wagner 1


Four MWC schools received votes this week, and both Wyoming and Boise State are close to getting into the Top 25. 

As the season gets closer to the end, a four-bid league is a possibility for the MWC, and depending on how the conference tournament plays out, five teams getting in is also a distinct possibility. 

Tuesday night features a massive showdown between Boise State and San Diego State in Boise. But, Wednesday night is an even bigger game when Wyoming travels to Fort Collins to take on Colorado State. It is pretty likely that the winner of the game gets into the rankings next week and helps their case as the favorites in the MWC. 

The final day of the season has Boise State traveling to Fort Collins to take on the Rams, so Colorado State will be tested a couple of times before the season finishes. 

As the regular season winds down, the MWC continues to flex its muscles on everybody else, and at this point, who knows which team comes out on top when the tourney kicks off in Las Vegas a couple of weeks from now. 



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