College Basketball Rankings: Wyoming Cracks Top 25

College Basketball Rankings: Wyoming Cracks Top 25

Mountain West Basketball

College Basketball Rankings: Wyoming Cracks Top 25


College Basketball Rankings: Wyoming Cracks Top 25

Mountian West finally getting some respect.

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First team ranked in a while.

With Selection Sunday one month away, the college basketball calendar gets more and more important. Teams are scraping, clawing, and fighting for a shot at an at-large berth. 

Others are preparing for their only hope – a victory in their respective conference tournament. Either way, these next few weeks will be extremely important. 

As far as the Mountain West Conference is concerned, the toss-up of all the teams will make for one of the more interesting tournaments ahead of Selection Sunday. 

However, after weeks of being shut out in the AP Top 25, the MWC is back in business – and it is Wyoming who cracks the list. The Cowboys jump in for the first time this season.

Here are the full results for the newest AP Top 25

  1. Gonzaga 
  2. Auburn 
  3. Arizona 
  4. Kentucky 
  5. Purdue 
  6. Kansas 
  7. Baylor 
  8. Providence 
  9. Duke 
  10. Villanova 
  11. Texas Tech 
  12. Illinois 
  13. UCLA 
  14. Houston 
  15. Wisconsin 
  16. Tennessee 
  17. USC 
  18. Ohio State 
  19. Michigan State 
  20. Texas 
  21. Murray State 
  22. Wyoming 
  23. Arkansas 
  24. Connecticut 
  25. Alabama 

Others Receiving Votes: Marquette 77, Xavier 51, Colorado State 29, Saint Mary’s 22, LSU 18, Iowa 17, Notre Dame 17, SMU 14, Rutgers 10, Virginia 4, Miami (FL) 3, Boise State 3, Toledo 3, South Dakota State 3, Belmont 2, San Francisco 2, Vermont 1, Wake Forest 1

Look at that. Oh, and two MWC teams in the Others Receiving Votes category, with Boise State hanging around toward the bottom and Colorado State getting closer and closer to getting back into the Top 25. 

The Cowboys finally get in, and with a 21-3 overall record and a 10-1 mark in MWC play, this took far too long for them to get a spot. 

Wyoming’s only conference loss came to Boise State by three on the road, and the other two losses were against Stanford and Arizona, so the Cowboys being left off for this long was also a talking point. 

Nonetheless, here they are, and with a solid week, the Rams could join them in the rankings. 

Wyoming plays New Mexico and Air Force this week while the Rams face New Mexico and UNLV. But, February 23 is the biggest game of the MWC slate as Wyoming and Colorado State face off in Fort Collins. 

Nonetheless, about time the MWC gets in the Top 25, and by this time next week there could be two teams in the poll.



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