How To Choose The Right Golf Club For Your Specific Needs

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How To Choose The Right Golf Club For Your Specific Needs

How To Choose The Right Golf Club For Your Specific Needs


Whether you are new to golf, noticing your performance decreasing a little with age, or keen to get your children into the sport, here are some recommendations for the best golf clubs to suit your needs with Golf Insider UK.

It can be a little overwhelming to know where to start when choosing your first golf clubs or having to re-assess and come to terms with your changing physical capabilities, but with this guide, you can find the perfect clubs for you, and get that healthy swing back you were worried you’d lost!

Irons for Beginners and High Handicappers

According to The Left Rough, most golfers are using the wrong set of irons, that are old, outdated, or too stiff. If you are a new golfer or can’t seem to get your handicap down, it could be that you’ll benefit from a different set of clubs.

Things to look for in your new set of irons include maximum forgiveness, meaning they are designed to lessen the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the ball. Also high launch, and a hybrid design with a hollow club head that can provide a center of gravity you won’t find in traditional irons and a lighter feel that helps you get the ball in the air with less effort.

It is also suggested that you have a reliable go-to club for the freeway. This is a club that you have identified as giving you confidence, feeling particularly comfortable with, and gives you a reasonable distance. This helps build consistency and you can start to have some fun!

Irons For Seniors

If your swing speed has slowed down and your score is going up, you might want to consider investing in a new set of irons. With specially designed golf clubs for seniors, you will find that you haven’t lost your swing after all, you just needed different equipment. You may even see an improvement that has you shooting lower than ever before.

If you have been playing golf for years, you might be looking for a new set of traditional (4-PW) irons, or if you are new to the game, you might find a full set of hybrid clubs easier to work with. Luckily, if you aren’t sure which style best suits your needs, you can purchase a set that has a mix of both types.

Graphite shafts are best for most seniors as they are lighter, so easier to manage and swing harder than steel shafts. If you have a high handicap, you will want to choose clubs with high forgiveness.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a senior shaft, you can check your swing speed by hitting a launch monitor at your local golf store. If the speed is in the range of 70 to 85 mph you could benefit from senior clubs.

Irons For Children

If you’re thinking about getting your kid into golfing, one of the most important things you can do is get them the right equipment. Here are some tips for buying their first clubs.

To start with, they won’t need a full set of fourteen clubs, in fact children can start with a set of five to ten clubs, and these will be plenty for the time being – they can work their way up to fourteen.

Secondly, golf clubs for children are designed with the child’s age, height, weight, and skill level in mind, so make sure you’re buying the appropriate irons for the child in question.

Each set of irons will come with a putter, and it is recommended that your child starts with a mallet or high MOI head rather than a more traditional blade putter. Mallets and high MOI putters are easier to hit and much more forgiving of off-center hits. This will help your child build confidence and enjoy the game.

Like with the seniors’ clubs, children’s clubs will have graphite shafts, making them much lighter and easier to manouver.

Now Get (Back) Out There And Have Fun!

Now that you have an idea of which golf clubs the best suit your needs, it’s time to get down to the golf course and try them out!

If you are returning to the course as a player with a high handicap, watch how having the right irons can make all the difference. If you are a beginner, this guide will help set you off to a great start! And if you are a senior, get ready to feel rejuvenated with your new graphite clubs.

You and your kids can have a great day out at the golf course, as long as you make it fun, most importantly, have the right club


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