10 Unforgettable NFL Touchdowns

10 Unforgettable NFL Touchdowns

10 Unforgettable NFL Touchdowns


The NFL continues to prove to be one of the biggest organized sports championships in the world. The Super Bowl alone is able to draw in millions of viewers every year, with some Superbowl shows being amongst the most-watched television broadcasts of all time!

Of course, with a sports program as long-running and enduring as the NFL, there is a large wealth of incredible and noteworthy moments. There is arguably no moment more important than a good touchdown, so why don’t we take a look at 10 of the most unforgettable touchdowns in NFL history?

#1 – Larry Fitzgerald’s 64-Yard Touchdown:

It may not have been enough to change the Super Bowl odds in 2008, but Larry Fitzgerald’s unprecedented 64-yard touchdown still remains impressive to this day. 

When we think of the most historic touchdowns, we cannot help but picture this incredible moment. It was amazing to witness live, and it still remains amazing to witness all these years later.

#2 – Dante Hall’s 49-Yard Touchdown:

Dante Hall managed to blow everyone’s minds when the usual returner received the ball and made an impressive run towards the end zone, deftly dodging every attempt to thwart him, in a game against the Broncos in 2002. 

Check the footage again, and see how quick and nimble Dante was on his feet. It’s truly incredible! 

#3 – Cleveland Browns in 1964:

The Cleveland Browns have faced quite a few crushing defeats in their NFL history, but in 1964 they saw some incredible victories brought on by some unforgettable touchdowns. 

Within that same season, Fullback player Jim Brown was able to pull off a staggering 114-yard touchdown, which took him across a massive portion of the field, and was enough to win the game!

#4 – Marcus Allen at Super Bowl XVIII:

Marcus Allen truly proved himself to be one of the most formidable players at that year’s Super Bowl. He was able to help his team the Las Vegas Raiders to an incredible 38-9 victory over the Washington Redskins.

This was all made possible by his incredible 74-yard touchdown as he charged through the opposing forces to cement his team’s victory!

#5 – The Minneapolis Miracle:

During the 2017 season Stefon Diggs, of the Minnesota Vikings was able to dodge a botched tackle, catch a flying ball, and still remain on his feet, allowing him a clear run to the end zone to perform a flashy and triumphant touchdown that was enough to take the Vikings to victory!

To make this even more impressive, this was the final play in a very tight game that could have seen the opposing team win!

#6 – Steve Gleason in 2006:

New Orleans saw some intense damage incurred by the frightening Hurricane Katrina and this caused the New Orleans Saints to take a back seat for a large portion of the season.

When the team did return, they did so in absolute style, with an early punt block that led to an incredible early touchdown. This block, by player Steve Gleason, has even been immortalized as a statue outside of the Superdome stadium! A good touchdown can really rejuvenate a team and even a whole state of fans! 

#7 – DeSean Jackson’s Incredible 75-Yard Touchdown:

DeSean Jackson definitely bathed in the glory of this incredible moment as his team the LA Rams clinched victory away from the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Taunting his opponents with a quick and zippy run towards the End Zone, Jackson made for one of the most entertaining and satisfying touchdowns in many years! 

#8 – Randy Moss in 2007:

Randy Moss has etched his name in the history books thanks to his incredible 23 touchdown receptions all within the same season. His team, the New England Patriots, were able to carry themselves to victory multiple times across that season thanks to Moss’ incredible receiving skills.

Watching footage of Randy Moss’ 2007 receives instantly brings back fond memories of his achievements that year.

#9 – Marshawn Lynch in 2010:

Marshawn Lynch’s famous run in 2010 is often referred to by fans as a “Beast Mode” run. It’s no surprise why. Looking back at the footage, it’s incredible the number of attempted tackles that he managed to outrun, dodge, or power through. 

He was certainly a force to be reckoned with during that run, and we can’t even imagine how amazing he and his team must have felt as he hit the End Zone!

#10 – Brett Favre’s 421st Touchdown:

Brett Favre now stands as the NFL player with the most touchdowns in a single career. With 420 touchdowns already under his belt, Brett Favre decided to pull off once more incredible touchdown with an incredible pass to Greg Jennings in their game against the Minnesota Vikings. 

This was enough to topple the previous record-holder Dan Marino’s record of 420 career touchdowns! Let’s see if anyone can surpass Favre’s now-legendary score!

Let’s Take it to the End Zone:

There we have it, 10 of some of the most unforgettable touchdowns in the history of the NFL. This was probably quite a trip down memory lane for some of you, and for others it likely proved an insightful look at the history of the program!


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