Four Popular NFL Players Who Prefer Crypto Over Cash Salaries

Four Popular NFL Players Who Prefer Crypto Over Cash Salaries

Four Popular NFL Players Who Prefer Crypto Over Cash Salaries


2021 was a great year for all NFL fans as they got to return to stadiums in full capacity after seeing the 2020 season plagued with limited attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The parking lots were once again filled, as they should be, and we can hear the maximum excitement coming from a fully-crowded stadium.

The year was also a good one for cryptocurrency investors as BTC registered a new high at the time with $69,000 back in November. Following this event, some NFL stars decided to start accepting part of their salary being converted to crypto, which will see them cash in on the profitability of the cryptocurrency. Listed below are a few of these players accepting cryptos according to casino online platforms.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers, who is the reigning 2020 NFL MVP, took to his Twitter account to announce, via video in November, that he will be in collaboration with Cash App to see part of his salary being paid in Bitcoin. It is estimated that Rodgers will earn around $22.3 million this year.

In the video where the Green Bay Packers star dressed as John Wick as his Halloween costume, he announced that he would be donating $1 million in Bitcoin.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the most popular players in the NFL. He is also another high-profile player who has been heavily invested in the cryptocurrency world. The NFL all-time leading touchdown passes has not made any comments regarding being paid in Bitcoin by the NFL, but he will be paid by FTX exchange after taking an equity stake in Sam Bankman-Fried’s exchange.

However, Brady didn’t only cash in on crypto-assets alone, he launched Autograph, an NFT platform back in April in a bid to lure talents in sports, fashion, and entertainment, a program real money casino usa took interest in.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. was the second NFL player to follow the path set by Aaron Rodgers after announcing his partnership with Cash App in order to receive part of his salary from the NFL in BTC. According to his current contract, OBJ should be receiving around $4.25 million from the NFL this campaign.

Like Rodgers, he also promised to donate $1 million in Bitcoin following his collaboration with Cash App. The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver is no stranger to crypto and the world of NFT as his Twitter profile picture is a Crypto Punk NFT.

Trevor Lawrence

Joining the ranks of NFL stars accepting crypto payments is the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. However, Lawrence deal is different as only his endorsement deal came from the crypto platform app FTX.

Aside from that, nothing else is known about the partnership deal he has made with the crypto portfolio accompany.


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