BYU, Boise State Series To End After 2022

BYU, Boise State Series To End After 2022

Boise State

BYU, Boise State Series To End After 2022


BYU, Boise State Series To End After 2022

Cougars going to the Big 12 needed to free up its schedule

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No more Broncos vs. Cougars

With BYU going to the Big 12 cuts were a necessity for their non-conference football schedule to get down to three or four non-conference games once they join the league in 2023.

Boise State’s athletics director Jeremiah Dickey replied via Twitter that the last game in the series will be this upcoming 2022 game at Albertson’s Stadium.

The two schools have been a staple on the schedule and in just 2019 the two institutions agreed to a 10-game extension. This extension was to begin in 2025 at Boise State and then alternate in a home-and-home fashion through 2034.

Dickey understands that BYU going to the Big 12 and the need to adjust the schedule and he is hopeful that the two schools can get back to playing on a regular basis.

BYU is still going to be playing Utah fairly regularly and other Pac-12 schools, plus Utah State should not completely go away from the schedule as an in-state rival.

The Big 12 also does not know the number of non-conference games they will play as the league will be an influx of members with no target end date for Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC, and the three other American schools — Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF — are either entering in 2023 or 2024.

Once the league settles with its membership then it can figure out if it wants to play three or four non-conference games.

These two schools played regularly since 2012 sans the 2020 COVID-19 year and then once before in 2003, and the Broncos own an 8-4 record.

Odds are that these two schools will get back on the schedule over the next decade but likely not as frequently.


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