How Much Can Kansas City Chiefs Make During NFL Playoffs?

How Much Can Kansas City Chiefs Make During NFL Playoffs?

How Much Can Kansas City Chiefs Make During NFL Playoffs?


Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Tyrann Mathieu previously claimed that he loved and prefer playing more games than every other team in the NFL in the last four seasons, with his reasons being stated.

He spoke to the media at the time saying: “Yeah, I think at the end of the day it is a blessing to be able to work another week or get another week’s paycheck, you know what I mean?. But it’s been a blessing, man, to play as many games as we played.”

Although Mathieu always receives their paycheck every week during the postseason, that money is always cut short by his regular weekly play. According to his current contract, Mathieu’s base salary is $14.5 million, which could potentially be won at playing games.

If the Chiefs happen to claim the Super Bowl, Mathieu’s postseason pay will be lower than 40% of what he gets on his weekly wages from the franchise.

The money is received for the playoffs is not a small change. At the end of the week, players will be receiving $85,000 for their first two postseason games played by the Chiefs. If the Kansas City Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl, they would be getting a total of $300,000, which is almost half the average NFL yearly salary of $600,000.

According to the agreement on the NFLPA official website, below is the breakdown by a round of the NFL playoffs.

The Division Winners in Wild Card stage: $42,500

Other Wild Card teams/Division Winner with first-round bye: $37,500

Division Playoff Game: $42,500

Conference Championship Games: $65,000

Team with the Super Bowl Win: $150,000

Super Bowl Losing Team: $75,000

Whether out of action or on injured reserve, all players on the 53-man roster when a wild-card or divisional playoff game is being held will be getting the full payment listed above.

However, this will change once it enters the conference championship games and the Super Bowl when some players will be getting half-share, according to best uk online casino.

Any player listed on the 53-man roster who has been active or inactive list for a minimum of three games (regular season or playoffs) with a team will be getting the full payment above for the conference or Super Bowl game.

Another thing to note: any player on the 53-man roster whose name can’t be found on the active or inactive list when the postseason games were played but were listed on the roster for a minimum of eight previous games (regular season or playoffs) will be getting full payment.

Half-share will be handed to players on the 53-man roster when a game is played and has been on the roster for less than three previous games (regular season or playoffs). This will be the same for a rookie player who was under contract when the playoff game was held but was sidelined due to injury.


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