June Jones: 'I So Badly Want To Get' The Hawaii Job

June Jones: 'I So Badly Want To Get' The Hawaii Job


June Jones: 'I So Badly Want To Get' The Hawaii Job


June Jones: ‘I So Badly Want To Get’ The Hawaii Job

Hawaii’s coaching search is taking a lot of turns

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Jones still wants to be a Warrior

Hawaii football has taken over the past few Friday nights with Todd Graham resigning and then last night, the Warriors athletic director David Matlin making a formal statement saying June Jones would not get the job.

Well… because of “differences.” He went as far as to get out in front of it with a one of a kind press release saying Jones was not the guy.

The “succession plan” was the hold up and it seems that Matlin was not willing to allow Jones to rebuild a program with a contract that would allow him to do so.

Jones took over a winless Hawaii team to nine wins during his first go-around which ultimately led the team to the Sugar Bowl. Then he left for SMU and took the Mustangs to a bowl game for the first time since they received the Death Penalty, which spanned 25 years.

Jones spoke out on Twitter and also spoke to the media that Mattlin offered a paltry two-year contract which he felt was not sufficient to turn around a program.

“I would still like the job but I was not really offered a job that was conducive to winning,” Jones said. “How are you going to recruit if you have a two-year contract? I’d take a five-year contract and you can fire me at any time with no penalty, but how are you going to recruit kids who want to know who their head coach is going to be for the next four or five years?

“I’ve never taken a job that has dictated who I can hire or can’t hire. I don’t think any coach in their right mind would accept a job like that. Yeah, they offered, but unacceptable what they offered. It is not about money but helping the local kids.”

What Jones said is to be his counteroffer seems very reasonable with no buyout if Matlin or the school wants to fire him for any reason. That seems like a win-win for Hawaii football. If Jones does a good job then everyone is happy and if he stumbles then the athletic department can get out of the contract and not owe Jones anything else from the contract.

Jones final message was that he does want the job and said, “so badly wants to get it. It is not my call.”

there is so much support for Jones to return to the sidelines of Hawaii football and Matlin is being seen as someone who wants to control with not just laying out the contract but who can or can’t be on staff if Jones were to be the next head coach.

As Jones said, it is now up to Matlin to decide if he wants to present a different offer to him to coach Hawaii football.



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