Revisiting 2021 Mountain West Football Predictions

Revisiting 2021 Mountain West Football Predictions

Air Force

Revisiting 2021 Mountain West Football Predictions


Revisiting 2021 Mountain West Football Predictions

What did we get right or wrong?

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We did get a few things right, maybe?

Oh boy… this is going to be painful for us and fun for the readers who like to yell at us for being wrong. We all make predictions heading into the season and if we are lucky a few will bounce our way, then we smile.

However, big sweeping predictions usually fall flat but we also want to be held accountable. Plus, it is interesting in what we got wrong and maybe a few things we got right.

The one big whiff by literally everyone was Utah State finishing near the bottom of the conference, but Blake Anderson and Aggie fans had the last laugh with a great season with a Mountain West title and a bowl win over Oregon State.

We will start with the order of finish our staff put together around media day.

Projected Order Of Finish


1. Nevada – 59 points (seven first-place votes)
2. Fresno State – 50 points (two first-place votes)
3. San Jose State – 48 points (two first-place votes)
4. San Diego State – 39 points
5. Hawaii – 23 points
6. UNLV – 12 points


1. San Diego State
2. Fresno State
3. Nevada
4. San Jose State
5. Hawaii


1. Boise State – 64 points (nine first-place votes)
2. Wyoming – 55 points (two first-place votes)
3. Air Force – 40 points
4. Colorado State – 27 points
5. Utah State – 26 points
6. New Mexico – 19 points


1. Utah State
2. Air Force
3. Boise State
4. Wyoming
5. Colorado State
6. New Mexico

Welp… this did not go well for division champions. In the West, Nevada fell a bit flat midway through the season and injuries marred San Jose State and specifically at quarterback with Nick Starkel missing many games.

The big miss in that division was doubting San Diego State who had a double-digit win season, two Pac-12 wins and making the conference title game.

Fresno State we were more right than wrong when compared to the consensus.

In the Mountain Division, obviously, we will eat crow with everyone else as Utah State had one of the most impressive turnarounds in college football by going from worst to first.


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