Boise State 2021 Football Season Recap

Boise State 2021 Football Season Recap

Boise State 2021 Football Season Recap


The 2021 season is already done. It was not an easy one, especially for the Boise State team. They weren’t very consistent in their performance in the offense. In most games, the defense managed to catch up and get the win, but it was not easy. Let’s have an overall recap of the 2021 season. 

Offense overview

The offense was the cause of most of the issues for the Boise State football team. Fans were thrilled about the new offensive coordinator. He was very confident, and this was visible in his behavior and пдяш до гся statements. The offense didn’t show any impressive skills, especially at the beginning of the season. They scored 50 only once in the second week of the season in the game against UTEP.

Boise State cornerback Kekaula Kaniho (28) looks to the sidelines during a timeout against Air Force in the second half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, in Boise, Idaho. Air Force won 24-17. (AP Photo/Steve Conner)

Boise State offense average points are 29.2 per game, which is not typical for them. However, fans never gave up on them. They supported their favorite team and hoped that they would improve with the season’s advancement. If you are a big fan of them, we are sure you also didn’t miss a game. Any sports fan will do anything possible to catch their favorite team’s games. Even if it is not broadcasted on TV, there are many sites that you can use to stream a game. Check out this article and find a couple of free streaming sites that will guarantee you are not missing a game in the new season. 

This was the first time that Hank Bachmeier played an entire season. He has been part of the team for three years, and he definitely had a very good season in 2021 with 3,079 yards passing. Even though the new scheme that the team tried was not a perfect fit for him, he still managed to do eight interceptions and twenty touchdown throws. His weak side is the red zone, and we hope this is what he will improve for the next season. 

The offensive line was underperforming for the most significant part of the season. Part of the struggles was due to injuries of leading players, but it still is a point that they should focus on. After all, if your offense is not playing well enough, the chance of blocking your opponent is close to zero. 

Defense overview

The defense line players endured a lot of injuries during the 2021 season. The leaving of their star player Scale Igieho put them in a difficult position. The Broncos also needed to catch up for the failing offense. They did good and showed constant improvement. 

Riley Whimpey and Zeke Noa returned to the team, and fans were very happy about this. The linebacker unit was the most challenging for the Bronco defense, and those recruits helped a lot. It is interesting to see what will happen with this unit next season.

The secondary unit was maybe the best unit of the Boise State team for the whole 2021 season. They managed to overcome the issues caused by the offense. With the season’s advancement, they got better and better, and hopefully, this will continue in 2022. 

Special teams overview

Avery Williams’s loss wasn’t easy to deal with, and the Broncos’ game regressed. Still, their game was quite good during the season, and maybe with some new solid recruits in 2022, they can regain their form from 2020. 

Jonah Dalmas was the best performing player of this unit. The special team play was stable during the 2021 season. There were no breathtaking moments, but at least they managed to overcome the big loss of Avery Williams.


With 2021 behind our backs, we are excited to see what season 2022 will bring us and how Boise State will perform. The Broncos had it rough but still had a solid performance. Their fans stuck with them and expect to see what season 2022 will bring. 


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