10 NFL quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins

10 NFL quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins

10 NFL quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins


The Biggest Talents In College Football Right Now

It won’t be too long until the NFL draft rolls around and whilst we’ve stopped short of predicting the draft order, we have decided to take a look at the biggest talents in college football right now. 

We never know when the next Tom Brady is about to come through the ranks of college football teams, but we can eagerly keep an eye on the prospects. Who knows if any of the names below will join the list of 10 NFL quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins in the near future?

Nonetheless, we fully expect all of these to be heading to the NFL pretty damn soon.

Number 5. Kyle Hamilton

When you talk about the biggest talents in college football it’s easy to talk about the quarterbacks that could be taken but, to be honest, this isn’t the greatest class ever. Kyle Hamilton is much better than some of these other guys at quarterback which is why he lands at number five. 

The safety has been compared to Ed Reed on numerous occasions due to his style of play. He is a fast, athletic, ball hawking safety that can fly down to each end of the field with ease on any given play. All of those attributes will give him an instant impact on any team straight out of the gates; that is what makes him a desirable pick for many sides in the NFL.

Number 4. Evan Neal

Evan Neal has been fluctuating around the top ten picks in the latest mock drafts but he is definitely one of the most intriguing prospects. The offensive lineman can play pretty much every single position across the line, which so many teams have been searching for. Neal is somewhat of a monster too standing at 6’7, 350 pounds and the fact that his play excelled at both the guard and tackle spot for each side of the line just proves how incredible he could be in the league. Whoever drafts him won’t have to worry about shuffling their line due to injuries; they can just plug him in anywhere and it’ll work.

Number 3. Derek Stingley Jr.

A lot of people may have forgotten about Derek Stingley lately; his name will soon be back on the radar though. The cornerback has been proclaimed to be the flat-out best player at his position in this draft class. Some have even said that he has the potential to be far better than any other corner drafted in the last few years. 

The only downfall for him is that he suffered a big injury which has forced him to miss the second half of his season hence the buzz has died a little. Regardless, given how many teams need that lockdown cornerback nowadays, Stingley can fit in just about anywhere and contribute at a high level.

Number 2. Kayvon Thibodeaux

Earlier in the season, Kayvon Thibodeaux was without a doubt the number one overall projected pick. More recently, he has suffered a dip that has changed that a bit. Thibodeaux has suffered through an ankle injury lately which is why his production has taken a drop off but when on the field healthy he has proven to be near on unstoppable. 

Dominant pass rushers are hard to find and Thibodeaux certainly fits that criteria with his 6’5, 258-pound frame. 

Number 1. Aidan Hutchinson

Topping our list of the biggest talents in college football right now is Aidan Hutchinson. Hutchinson has been getting better and better every season that he has spent in college. He opted to stay in school longer and better his draft stock instead of declare early. It looks like he made a smart decision as he is now projected to go first overall in the upcoming draft. 

Hutchinson lately had a three-sack game against Ohio State, then he won the Big Ten Championship Game right after that. Oh, and he also happened to be second in the Heisman voting for this season, though he wasn’t able to come home with the award as he lost out to Bryce Young. There will be a lot of teams waiting on the pass rushers services. 

There you have it, the biggest talents in college football right now. Who did we miss?


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