LSU Tiger’s 2021 Season Analysis

LSU Tiger’s 2021 Season Analysis

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LSU Tiger’s 2021 Season Analysis


American football has always been among the most viewed and followed sports in the North American region and in the US particularly. Every state has its own representation in the super bowl. College and university teams, backed by fundings from sponsors and state governments, participate in various events and competitions throughout the year. American football is watched by over 16.6 million viewers online during the NHL season. Every year the viewership expands into multiple world regions, having an 11% increase in viewers. The Louisiana State University backs its LSU Tigers were on a roll but unfortunately were off-color during the 2021 season. However, their coaching staff, team mentors, players, and management are determined enough to make a solid comeback and make the Louisiana fan base proud.

According to the NCCA Division 1, LSU Tigers are ranked 11 among the top-tier teams. How can the Louisiana fan army forget the emphatic season of 2019, where LSU Tigers were unstoppable, dominating the entire season and ending up crowned season winners. LSU Tigers have claimed the national championship titles in 1958, 2003, 2007, and 2019 respectively. According to the recent sources and verified news, after the haunting 2021 season, LSU management has hired Brian Kelly as the new head coach before the 2022 season kicks off. 

The Tigers finished the 2021 season on 5-5 and couldn’t perform according to the sponsors’ expectations, team management, and most importantly, their fanbase in Louisiana. During Oregon’s last season as coach, LSU Tigers met many uncertain and unexpected situations from which they couldn’t recover and bounce back in the league. Continue reading to find more about American Football matches, leagues, points tables, and statistics. 

Where to Follow LSU Tigers and Stay Updated?

There are about 5 active college football programs in the state of Louisiana under various sponsorships and management. More than 1200 football athletes represent different universities in NHL and other local tournaments being held throughout the year. According to the interstate standings, every state nominates its best team for the all-important American bowl. The Louisiana state government had also assisted state teams in developing state-of-the-art football programs for young and determined individuals. More than 170 football coaches serve under the college football development program in Louisiana. The football fan base of Louisiana actively takes part in following LSU Tigers, New Orleans Privateers, McNeese State Cowboys and Cowgirls, and many other teams.

LSU Tigers have been Louisiana’s identity since the early 1950s. Louisiana resident supports LSU Tigers in every inter-state championship match and stays updated with Tigers odds at Wynnbet app. Players representing LSU Tigers have always been on the NHL roster list featuring various categories and online forums. LSU Tigers have claimed the title of conference champions about 16 times since their debut. Moreover, they have been the champions of consensus All-Americans 39 times. LSU army has always attracted Louisiana’s young and determined football players.

Online sports betting has been legalized in Louisiana. Avid football fans can bet on their favorite teams and events. However, only college football betting is allowed through approved online betting sites and sportsbooks in Louisiana. To stay updated with LSU’s 2022 seasons and betting odds, one can access the Wynnbet app, which offers handsome signup bonuses and offers. Moreover, it’s ideal for beginners learning to play by the odds and bet on their favorite college football teams.

LSU Tiger’s 2021 Season 

LSU Tigers started their 2021 run by competing against the UCLA Bruins, in which they were defeated with a final scoreline of 27-38. The scoreline upset the LSU fan base, which was even at the start of the 2021 season. Their match against MC Neese Cowboys demonstrated an effective game plan and strategy. LSU Tiger’s managed to defeat MC Neese Cowboys with a final scoreline of 34-7. However, the result of this match was predicted well before the game by LSU supporters and football analysts. In this game, Cody Orgeron was in the spotlight for running about 91 miles in the field and contributing significantly to the match gameplay.

In the third round game, the Tigers defeated Central Michigan Chippewas comprehensively, ending the scoreline with a final scoreline of 49-21. Win against Michigan was a burning splint for the supporters of LSU, who have waited a long way for the winning streak. The winning streak continued as LSU Tigers managed to defeat the Mississippi State Bulldogs by a close margin of 28-25. Max Johnson was the main highlight of the match by running approx 280 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. These lighting fast and energetic performances always impact the sprits and support of the Louisiana fanbase and other supporters across the region. 

The winning streak ended when LSU Tigers had to face a defeat against Auburn Tigers. The final scoreline was 24-19, with Bo Nix and TJ Finley being the star performers. This was an unexpected defeat as no one in the LSU Tiger’s ranks expected this to happen in their worst nightmares. In the game against Kentucky Wildcats, LSU Tigers were thrashed on the ground by the fierce competition and well-planned gameplay from the Wildcats. The final scoreline was 42-21, which was the second consecutive loss for LSU Tigers this season. After this demoralizing defeat, the LSU Tigers’ fanbase was completely shocked. LSU tigers support reduced denting sponsors reputation and college football standards all around Louisiana. 

After two consecutive defeats, LSU Tigers were geared up to make a solid comeback against Florida Gators on 16th October. After a close competitive game, LSU Tigers managed to clinch a decent victory with a final scoreline of 49-42. After this, they again faced a defeat at Ole Miss Rebels’ hands and Alabama Crimson Tide. The two consecutive losses dented the overall standings of the LSU Tigers in the 2021 championship. Adding to the disappointment, they also got defeated against Arkansas Razorbacks with a final scoreline of 16-13 (OT). The win against ULM Warhawks and Texas A&M Aggies towards the end of the season gave something to the supporters of LSU Tigers to cheer about.


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